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Index to Volume 24 Articles: Deffenbacher, Kristina K. Designing Progress: The Architecture1 of Social Consciousness in Disraeli's "Young England" Novels Fluet Lisa. The Returned Anglo-Indian in Sherlock Holmes' England1 30 Keep, Christopher. Ambiguities of Empire: Introduction.1 12 Knittel, Janna. Knocking at Paradise: Christina Rossetti Rewrites1 5 The Blessed Damozel' RandaU, Don. Kipling's Stalky and Co.: Resituating the Empire1 63 and the "Empire Boy" Schroeder, Janice. Strangers in Every Port Stereotypes of Victorian118 Women TraveUers Vargo, Lisa. An "enlargement of home": Anna Jameson and the53 Representation of Nationalism Whitlock, Tammy. A "Taint Upon Them": The Madame Rachel29 Case, Fraud, and Retail Trade in Nineteenth Century England Review Articles: Najarían, James. The Private Life of the Victorian Novel69 Reviews: Baker, WiUiam M. Carmen dimming. Sketchesfrom a Young194 Country: The Images of Grip Magazine Baylen, J.O. Travis L. Crosy. The Two Mr. Gladstones. A Study in212 Psychology and History Beaton, Tara. John M. Robson. Marriage or Celibacy? The Daily92 Telegraph Debate on a Victorian Dilemma Beaton, Tara. Oliver S. Buckton. Secret Selves: Confession and2 1 8 Same-Sex Desire in Victorian Autobiography. Berthiaume, Dominique. Kathy Alexis Psomiades. Beauty's Body:88 Femininity and Representation in British Aestheticism Farkas, Carol-Ann. Barbara T. Gates and Ann B. Shteir, editors.82 Natural Eloquence: Women Reinscribe Science Fiamengo, Janice. Margaret KeUeher. The Feminization ofFamine:77 Expressions of the Inexpressible? Gavin, Adrienne. Moira Ferguson. Animal Advocacy and English-198 women, 1780-1900: Patriots, Nation, and Empire Gavin, Adrienne. Natalie J. McKnight Suffering Mothers in Mid-80 Victorian Novels Gilbert, Pamela. Mary Ann OTarreU. Telling Complexions: The86 Nineteenth Century Novel and the Blush Harris, Beth. Jan Marsh and Pamela Gerrish Nunn. Pre-Raphaelite207 Women Artists and Malcolm Warner. The Victorians: British Painting 1837-1901. Huel, Raymond. Garth Stevenson. Ex Uno Plures, Federal-Provincial203 Relations in Canada 1867-1896 MacLeod, Kirsten. Susan J. Navarette. The Shape ofFear: Horror215 and the Fin de Siècle Culture ofDecadence McWUUam, Rohan. David Newsome. The Victorian World Picture:94 Perceptions and Introspections in an Age of Change Morrison, Elizabeth. Trev Broughton and Ruth Symes (eds). The209 Governess: An Anthology Skabamicki, Anne. Thomas Carlyle. Remlnscences200 Sturrock, June. Valerie Sanders. Eve's Renegades: Victorian97 Anti-Feminist Women Novelists VanArsdel, Rosemary T. Barbara Penny Kanner. Women in Context:196 Two Hundred Years ofBritish Women Biographers, a Reference Guide and Reader ...


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