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Contributors Keith Denny is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto. Anne Dymond is an assistant professor of art history at the University of Lethbridge. She is currendy working on a book that examines constructs of Proven├žal identity in folk museums, international expositions, tourist posters, and modernist art and the role these constructs play in the formation of French national and regional identities. Michelle Faubert is a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Toronto. Her thesis, entided "Romantic Madness: A Cultural Study," is an exploration of personal responses to the growing literature of psychiatry, as evident in the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft,John Clare and S.T Coleridge. Monica Hegel holds an MA from Dalhousie University, and is currendy working toward a PhD at the University of Alberta. She is interested in the figure of the abused child in Victorian literature, and in the language of protection as found in the writings of nineteenthcentury child welfare advocates. Sailaja V. Krishnamurti is a PhD candidate in the Graduate Programme in Social and Political Thought at York University in Toronto. Her current research examines representations of nationalism in Indian popular culture, and how they contribute to the conceptualization of Tiome' in the South Asian Diaspora. Eric P. Levy, having received both his M.A. and Ph.D at Stanford University, is presendy Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. His publications include a book and articles on Samuel Beckett, as well as articles on Hamlet, TS. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Tennessee Williams, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Christology, and self-pity neurosis. He is completing three Victorian Review (2002)105 Contributors books: Hamlet and the Problematics of Man, Beckett Viewed From Certain Angles, and Tactical Criticism: Studies in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature in English. Lawrence Starzyk, Professor of English at Kent State University, has written extensively on Victorian poetry and poetics. He is currendy completing a book-length study of the relationship between poetry andpainting in the nineteenth century. Laura Struve recendy completed a dissertation on the intersections of law and literature in the nineteenth century and teaches in the College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program at Boston University. She is currendy working on a book about the debates of literary and legal realism in the Victorian era. Rob Wilson is a professor of philosophy at the University of Alberta. He is the general editor (with Frank Keil) of TheMTI'Encyclopedia oftheCognitiveSciences (MIT Press, 1999), and has recendy published on diverse topics, including species and natural kinds, group-level cognition, the concept of realization in contemporaryphilosophy of mind, and Locke's view of primary qualities. He is completing a book on the individual in the cognitive, biological, and social sciences entided The Individualin the Fragile Sciences, and currendy holds a 3-year SSHRC Grant to work on this project 106volume 28 number 1 ...


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