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Contributors Julie F. Codell, Professor of Art History at Arizona State University, has published widely on Victorian art and culture in many scholarly journals, anthologies, and encyclopedias. She co-edited Orientalism Transposed: TheImpactof the Colonies on British Culture (1998), has completed a manuscript entided Uves of theArtists:Artists'Ufewritingsin Britain, c. 1870-1910. She is presendy preparing a book-length study of the Delhi Coronation Durbars and their art exhibitions, 1877-1911. CynthiaJ. Davis is an Associate Professor of English at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. She is the author of Bodily andNarrative Forms: The Influence ofMedicine onAmerican Uterature, 1845-1915 (Stanford UP: 2000), and the co-author of Women Writers in the UnitedStates:A Timeline of Social, CulturalandUteraryHistory (Oxford UP: 1996). Her biography of Charlotte Perkins Gilman is in process and under contract with Stanford University Press. Richard D. Fulton is Dean for Instruction at Whatcom Community College. He is a board member and former president of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals and a founder of the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western US. Publications include the UnionUstof VictorianSerials and A British Studies Sampler. Hao Li teaches Victorian literature and thought at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Memory andHistory in George Eliot: Transfiguring the Past. Her current research explores the relations between ethics and language in mid-nineteenth-century Britain. Christopher M. Keirstead is an assistant professor of English at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. He is currendy at work on a book manuscript entided Vidorian Poetry and the Encounter with Europe which studies the importance of continental travel and culture in the works of Clough, the Brownings, Swinburne and others. He has published articles on Clough and Barrett Browning. Victorian Review (2001) 131 Contributors Kirsten MacLeod is a SSHRC doctoral fellow in the Department of English at the University of Alberta. Her dissertation entided "Fictions of Decadence" focuses on the construction and representation of decadence in popular and "decadent" fiction as well as in the press in the context of fin de siècle Britain. She has recendy published an article on Marie Corelli in English Uterature in Transition and is working on an edition of Corelli's Wormwood for Broadview Press. Susan McPherson is a lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Staffordshire, UK. Her recent and forthcoming publications include articles on women and biography, life writing and journalism, and secretarial labour and biography in the late nineteenth-century. Her current research is a study of the relationship between Victorian life writing, scandal and literary authority. Ann Murphy is Associate Professor of English at Assumption College. Her work with Dr. Deirdre Raftery editing the letters of Emily Davies will be published by the University Press of Virginia. She has written on Virginia Woolf for the Proceedings of theAnnual Virginia Woolf Conference and on Louisa May Alcott for Signs. Her research interests include British Victorian women writers and novels by American women of colour. Maire ne Fhlathuin lectures in the School of English, University of Nottingham, and researches Irish and Indian postcolonial literature and history. Related work in progress includes "The Travels of M. de Thévenot through the Thug Archive," forthcoming in the Journalof the RoyalAsiatic Society, and "The making of a master criminal: the 'chief of the Thugs' in Victorian writings on crime, forthcoming. Rosemary T. VanArsdel, distinguished Professor of English, Emérita, University of Puget Sound, is co-editor of several volumes dealing with Victorian/Edwardian periodical literature, including, most recendy, Periodicals ofQueen Victoria's Empire, an Exploration (1996). She has published widely in North American and British scholarly journals; her biography, Florence Fenwick Miller: Victorian Feminist, Journalist, and Educatorwill appear in 2001. 132volume 27 number 1 ...


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