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Index307 Index to Volume 23 Articles: Carter, Kathryn. "The Cultural Work of Diaries in Mid-Century25 1 Victorian Britain" Durey, Jill Felicity. "Petticoat Powers and Parsons: Anthony Trollope15 and the Influence of Women in the Church of England and its Community" Ferguson, Christine. " "Gooble-Gabble, One of Us": Grotesque244 Rhetoric and the Victorian Freak Show" Findlay, Isobel M. "Introduction to Representing the Victorians"227 Harris, W.C. "Undifferentiated Bunnies: Setting Psychic Boundaries62 in the Animal Stories of Beatrix Potter, Jack London, and Ernest Seton" Keep, Christopher. "H.G. Wells and the End of the Body"232 Leighton, Angela. "Women Poets and the Fin-de-Si├Ęcle: Towards a 1 New Aestheticism" Maunsell, Melinda. "The Hand-Made Tale: Hand Codes and Power43 Transactions in Anne Bronte's The Tenant ofWilafell ?a?G McDougall, Kathleen. "Oscar Wilde: Sexuality and Creativity in the212 Social Organism" Mouton, Michelle J. "Taking on Tennyson: Sarah Grand's TAe1 84 Heavenly Twins and The Ethics of Androgynous Reading" Roberts, Lewis. The "Shivering Sands" of Reality: Narration and1 68 Knowledge in Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone Stanley, Marni. "Skirting the Issues: Addressing and Dressing in147 Victorian Women's Travel Narratives" Review Articles: Dolin, Tim. "The Art of the Philistines"268 Erb, Peter C. "Victorian Catholicism and the Oxford Movement1 14 1990-1996" CD Rom Review: Aronofsky Weltman, Sharon. "John Ruskia The Works ofJohn121 Ruskin on CD-ROMZ" 308Victorian Review Reviews: Alexander, Lynn. Ellen Harding. Re-framing the Pre-Raphaelttes:292 Historical and Theoretical Essays. Favor, Lesli J. Garrett Stewart Dear Reader: The Conscripted282 Audience in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction Frost Ginger. Owen Ashton, Robert Fyson, and Stephan Roberts,133 editors. The Duty ofDiscontent: Essaysfor Dorothy Thompson Kelly, Veronica. Michael R. Booth and Joel H. Kaplan, editors.130 The Edwardian Theatre: Essays on Performance and the Stage MacKay, Lynn. Mary Poovey. Making a Social Body1 25 Mitchell, Sally. J. Don Vann and Rosemary T. Van Arsdel, editors.1 27 Periodicals of Queen Victoria's Empire: An Exploration Rainsford, Dominic. Norman Vance. The Victorians and Ancient294 Rome Randall, Don. Anne McClintock. Imperial Leather: Race, Gender285 and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest Van Arsdel, Rosemary T. Rosemary Ashton. George Eliot A Life289 Wiesenthal, Chris. Nerves ? Narratives: A Cultural History of278 Hysteria in Nineteenth-Century British Prose ...


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