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ANNOUNCEMENTS A conference is to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University from 12- 13th September 1996 on the theme of "Aspects of the History of the British Middle Class since the 18th Century." If you are interested in further details or would like to contribute a paper, please write to the conference organizers: David NichoUs and Alan Kidd, Department of English and History, Manchester Metropolitan University, Ormond Building, Lower Ormond St., Manchester M15 6BX, England. English Literary Studies seeks quality submissions for its annual monograph series. ELS publishes peer-reviewed monographs (usual length 45,000-60,000 words, or approximately 125-170 double-spaced typescript pages, including notes) on the literatures written in English. The Series is open to a wide range of methodologies, and it considers for publication a variety of scholarly work: bibliographies, scholarly editions, and historical and critical studies of significant authors, texts, and issues. For further information write the Editor, English Literary Studies, Department of English, University of Victoria, P.O. Box 3070, Victoria, B.C., V8W 3Wl, Canada. BOOKS RECEIVED Inclusion in this list does not preclude the possibility of a future review. Aldrich, Richard. School and Society in Victorian Britain; Joseph Payne and the New World ofEducation. New York: Garland P, 1995. vii + 317. $50.00 US (cloth). Alrord, Norman. The Rhymers' Club, Poets of the Tragic Generation. New York: St Martin's P, 1994. ? + 165, $35.00 US (doth). Behdad, Ali. Belated Travelers, Orientalism in the Age of Colonial Dissolution. Durham: Duke UP, 1994. vii + 165. $44.95 US (cloth); $15.95 (paper). Bent, Ian (ed.). Music Analysis in the Nineteenth Century: Volume 2: Hermeneutic Approaches. New York: Cambridge UP, 1994. xi + 299. $64.95 US (cloth). Chase, Malcolm. The Life and Literary Pursuits ofAllen Davenport With afurther selection of the author's work. Brookfield: Ashgate P, 1994. ix + 128. $59.95 US (doth). 1 12Victorian Review Childs, Michael J. Labour's Apprentices: Working-Class Lads in Late Victorian and Edwardian England. Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP, 1994. ix + 223. $47.95 CAN (cloth); $19.95 CAN (paper). Clark, Anna. The Strugglefor the Breeches, Gender and the making of the British Working Class. Los Angeles: U of California P, 1995. xv + 416. $35.00 US (cloth). Cooper, Robert M. The Literary Guide and Companion to Northern England. Chicago: Ohio UP, 1994. xviii + 382. $34.95 US (cloth). Covert, James Thayne (ed.). Memoir ofa Victorian Woman: Reflections ofLouise Creighton, 1850-1936. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1994. ix + 188. $29.95 US (cloth). Desaulniers, Mary. Carlyle and the Economics of Terror - A Study ofRevisionary Gothicism in The French Revolution. Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP, 1995. ix + 140. $44.95 CAN (cloth). Eliot, George. Impressions of Theophrastus Such. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 1994. vii + 187. $24.95 US (doth). Fitzgerald, Robert. Rowntree and the Marketing Revolution, 1862-1969. New York: Cambridge UP, 1995. ix + 737. $150.00 US (cloth). Friedman, Alan Warren. Fictional Death & the Modernist Enterprise. New York: Cambridge UP, 1995. ? + 339. $54.95 US (cloth). Hall, Donald E. (ed). Muscular Christianity, Embodying the Victorian Age. New York: Cambridge UP, 1994. xi + 244. $54.95 US (cloth). Haughton, Hugh, Adam Phillips and Geoffrey Summerfield (eds.). John Clare in Context. New York: Cambridge UP. ix + 313. $59.95 US (doth). Hopkins, David. The Routledge Anthology ofPoets on Poets, Poetic responses to English poetryfrom Chaucer to Yeats. New York: Routledge, 1994. vii + 275. $18.95 US (paper). Kestner, Joseph A. Masculinities in Victorian Painting. Brookfield: Ashgate P, 1995. ? + 316. $69.95 US (doth). Kincaid, James R. Annoying the Victorians. New York: Routledge, 1995. ix + 271. $15.95 US (paper); $49.95 US (doth); $19.95 CAN (paper); $62.50 CAN (doth). Kincaid, James R. Child-Loving: The Erotic Child and Victorian Culture. New York: Routledge, 1992, ix + 413. $16.95 US (paper); $22.95 CAN (paper). Loudon, Jane (Webb). The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P, 1994. ? + 299. $42.50 US (doth); $17.95 US (paper). Manos, Nikki Lee and Meri-Jane Rochelson (ed.). Transforming Genres, New Approaches to British Fiction of the 1890s. New York: St Martin's P, 1994. vu + 272. $39.95 US (cloth). Marlow, James...


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