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Index to Volume 20 Articles: Brantlinger, Patrick . The Case of the Poisonous Book: Mass Literacy as Threat in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction.1 1 7 Farkas, Carol-Ann, "Beyond What Language Can Express:" Transcending the Limits of the Self in Jane Eyre49 Maier, Sarah E., "Subverting the Ideal: The New Woman and the Battle of the Sexes in the Short Fiction of Ella D'Arcy"35 Peters. John G. "To Strive. To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield" : Ulysses as Siren in Tennyson's Poem.1 34 Sinnema, Peter W. Constructing a Readership: Surveillance and lnteriority In the Illustrated London News.142 Surridge, Lisa, "Dog's/Bodies, Women's Bodies: Wives as Pets in Mid-Nineteenth Century Narratives of Domestic Violence"1 Review Articles: Black, Jeremy. Popular Politics In a Changing World1 62 Rundle, Vivienne. "Seeing it Again: Visions and Revisions of the Nineteenth Century"166 Srebmik, Patricia Thomas, "Reading Critics Writing Women Reading Writing"70 Reviews: Anderson, Amanda. Tainted Souls and Painted Faces: The Rhetoric ofFallenness in Victorian Culture. Reviewed by Sally Mitchell.182 Ballstadt, Carl, Elizabeth Hopkins, and Michael Peterman. Letters ofLove and Duty: The Correspondence ofSusanna and John Moodie. Reviewed by Mary Pearson.193 Brundage, Anthony. 7Ae People's Historian: John Richard Green and the Writing ofHistory in Victorian England. Reviewed by Christopher Kent.174 Cevasco, G.A. The 1890s: An Encyclopedia ofBritish Literature, Art, and Culture. Reviewed by Beth Kalikoff.188 Harris, Jose, Private Lives, Public Spirit: A Social History ofBritain 1870 - 1914. Reviewed by Peter Bailey.80 Index215 Jordon, Thomas E., The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth. Reviewed by Linda Mahood.89 Krueger, Christine L., The Reader's Repentance: Women Preachers, Women Writers, and Nineteenth Century Social Discourse. Reviewed by June Sturrock.97 Leps, Marie-Christine, Apprehending the Criminal: The Production ofDeviance in Nineteenth-Century Discourse. Reviewed by Audrey A. Fisch.86 MacDonald, Robert H. Sons of the Empire: The Frontier and the Boy Scout Movement, 1890-1918. Reviewed by John Springhall.177 Perkin, Joaa Victorian Women. Reviewed by Joy Dixon.185 Pocock, Tom, Rider Haggard and the Lost Empire, A Biography. Reviewed by Wendry R. Katz.83 Prawer, S.S. Israel at Vanity Fair: Jews and Judaism in the Writings of WM. Thackeray. Reviewed by R.D. McMaster.179 Richards, Thomas, The Imperial Archive: Knowledge and the Fantasy ofEmpire. Reviewed by Patrick Brantlinger.78 Schwarz, L.D., London in the Age ofIndustrialization. Reviewed by Lynn MacKay.92 Searle, G.R. Entrepreneurial Politics in Mid-Victorian Britain. Reviewed by Alan Kidd.197 Thompson, Jon, Fiction, Crime, and Empire: Clues to Modernity and Postmodernism.86 Walkowitz, Judith R., City ofDreaajul Delight: Narratives ofSexual Danger in Late-Victorian Britain. Reviewed by J.O. Baylen.94 Van Riper, A. Bowdain. Men Among the Mammoths: Victorian Science and the Discovery ofHuman Prehistory. Reviewed by Susan H. Famsworth.190 ...


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