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News of Members213 Turner, Martha A. Mechanism and the Novel: Science in the Narrative Process. New York: Cambridge UP, 1993. ix + 199. Walkley, Giles. Artists' Houses in London 1764-1914. Vermont: Ashgate, 1994. ix + 281. $79.95 US (cloth). Ward, Hayden (ed.). Victorian Poetry, Volume 32, Number 1. Virginia: West Virginia U, 1994. i + 95. $6.00 US (paper). Weiner, Deborah E.B. Architecture and Social Reform in Late-Victorian London/ New York: St. Martin's, 1994. vii + 244. £40.00 (cloth). NEWS OF MEMBERS PETER BAILEY has published "Conspiracies of Meaning: Music-Hail and the Knowingness of Popular Culture", Past and Present, no. 144 (August 1994), 13870 . JUDITH FLYNN gave a public lecture in July at the Winnipeg Art GaUery on William Morris in connection with the touring Morris Exhibition. DAVID LATHAM has published an edition of William Morris's Poems by the Way (Roudedge/Thoemmes Press, 1994) and has assumed the editorship of The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies at the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, TlK 3M4. SARAH MAIER will be speaking at MLA - "Gendered Hysteria: Mad Women and Impotent Men in Anton Chekhov's Fiction." LLOYD SIEMENS has published "Rider Haggard's Neglected Journal: 'Diary of an African Visit'," English Literature in Transition. 37 (Jan. 1994), 155-162 and "The Haggard-Kipling Relationship: An Annotated Checklist," Kipling Journal, (September 1993), 33-37. SHARON SMULDERS has published "Feminism, Pacifism and the Ethics of War: The Politics and Poetics of Alice Meyneu's War Verse", English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920 36 (1993): 159-177 and "Sound, Sense, and Structure in Christina Rossetti's Sing-Song," Children's Literature, 22 (1994). ARLENE YOUNG has just completed her Ph.D. at Cornell University. She recendy received the SSHRC Post-doctoral FeUowship for 1994-6. A recent paper entided "Sir Charles Grandesin and the Logic of the Duel", was given at the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference at Saskatoon in October, 1994. ...


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