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CONTRIBUTORS JEREMY BLACK is Professor of History, University of Durham. His eighteen books include Convergence or Divergence? Britain and the Continent (MacmUlan/SL Martins, 1994). PATRICK BRANTLINGER, Editor of Victorian Studies from 1980 to 1990, is currendy Chair of English at Indiana University. His most recent books are Rule of Darkness: British Literature and Imperialism 1830-1914 (1988) and Crusoe's Footprints: Cultural Studies in Britain and America (1990). JOY DIXON is an Assistant Professor of History at die University of British Columbia. She teaches modern British history and die history of women and gender relations, and is currendy working on a study of gender and colonialism in die "New Age" movements of late-nineteenth and early-twentietii century England. SUSAN H. FARNSWORTH, author of The Evolution ofBritish Imperial Policy in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: A Study of the Peelite Contribution, 1846-1874 (1992), is Associate Professor of History at Trinity College in Washington, D.C. In addition to her ongoing work in imperial history, she has co-directed two seminars on The Origin of Species: The Victorian Milieu of Science and Religion, under die sponsorship of die National Endowment for die Humanities. ???? KALIKOFF teaches English at die University of Washington, Tacoma. CHRISTOPHER KENT teaches English history at die University of Saskatchewan. He is die autiior of Brains and Numbers: Comtism, Elitism and Democracy in Victorian England and various articles on Victorian Bohemia. Jane Austen, and Michel Foucault, his current interest. ALAN KIDD is Reader in History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is editor of the Manchester Region History Review and autiior of City, Class and Culture (witii K.W. Roberts for Manchester UP, 1985) and Manchester (Keele UP, 1993). He is currently writing the The State and the Poor 1834-1914 for Macmillan. ROWLAND McMASTER has written extensively on Dickens, Trollope, Thackeray and otiier Victorian writers. A Fellow of die Royal Society of Canada, he is the 208Victorian Review autiior of Trollope and the Law (1986) and Thackeray's Cultural Frame of Reference: Allusion in The Newcomes (1991). SALLY MITCHELL is Professor of English and Women's Studies at Temple University, serves on die MLA Division Executive for the Victorian Period, and edited Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia. She wrote about Victorian sexuality in her first book, The Fallen Angel: Chastity, Class and Women's Reading, 18351880 . At present she is doing research towards a biography of Frances Power Cobbe. MARY PEARSON won die 1994 Trent University English Essay Competitioa She is currendy an MA student in die Department of English at die University of Alberta. Her research interests include die nineteenth-century literary family and emigration in Victorian literature. JOHN G. PETERS is currendy finishing a dissertation endued Joseph Conrad and the Phenomenology of Impression at The Pennsylvania State University. He has published articles in Jack London Newsletter, Studies in Browning, English Language Notes, The Midwest Quarterly and has an article forthcoming in Conradiana. VlVIENNE RUNDLE received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and is currendy an Assistant Professor of English at die University of Calgary. Her articles on Robert Browning, Thomas Carlyle, Henry James, Joseph Conrad, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning have appeared or are forthcoming in Victorian Poetry, the Victorian Newsletter, and die Henry James Review. She is currendy at work on a book-length study of nineteenth-century literary prefaces, and she is co-editor (witii Thomas J. Collins) of the forthcoming Broadview Anthology of Victorian Prose and Poetry. PETER W. SINNEMA is a Ph.D student in die English programme at York University. He is nearing completion of a dissertation on the first decade of die Illustrated London News, with particular emphasis on current theories of relationships between images and written texts. This paper is extracted from that ongoing project. Another article on constructions of national and classist identities in the ILN is forthcoming in Victorian Periodicals Review. JOHN SPRINGHALL is Reader in History at die University of Ulster's Coleraine campus and autiior of Youth, Empire and Society: British Youth Movements, 1883-1940, London: Croom Helm, 1977, and Coming of Age: Adolescence in Britain, 1860-1960. Dublin: Gill and Macmillan, 1986. ...


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