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Victorian Review BOOKS RECEIVED Inclusion in this list does not preclude the possibility of a future review. Allen, Dennis W. Sexuality in Victorian Fiction. Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 1993. ix + 160. $27.95 US (cloth). Ames, Kenneth L. Death in the Dining Room & Other Tales of Victorian Culture. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 1992. xi + 265. $34.95 US (cloth). Amigoni. David. Victorian Biography: Intellectuals and the Ordering of Discourse. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1993. vii + 199. $75.00 US (cloth). Ballstadt, Carl, Elizabeth Hopkins and Michael Peterman, eds. Letters ofLove and Duty: The Correspondence of Susanna and John Moodie. Toronto: U of Toronto P. 1993. xii + 360. $35.00 CAN (cloth). Bellringer, Alan W. George Eliot. New York: SL Martin's, 1993. vii + 166. $24.95 US (cloth). Birley, Derek. Sport and the making ofBritain. Manchester Manchester UP, 1993. ? + 358. £40.00 (cloth); £12.99 (paper)· Bronte, Charlotte. Villette. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. ? + 542. $5.95 US (paper). Brontes, The. Selected Poems. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. vi + 165. $6.95 US (paper). Clapson, Mark. A bit of a flutter: Popular gambling and English society, c.18231961 . New York: SL Martin's, 1992. 232. Coss, Peter, The Knight in Medieval England, 1000-1400. Washington: Alan Sutton P, 1993. ? + 191. $33.99 US (cloth). Davis, Jim. The Britannia Diaries, 1863-1875. Selections from the Diaries of Frederick C. Wilton. Oxford: Alden P. 1992. 263. Davis, R.W. and RJ. Helmstadter, eds. Religion and Irréligion in Victorian Society. New York: Routledge, 1992. 205. $99.95 CAN (cloth). DeJean. Joan. Tender Geographies: Women and the Origins of the Novel in France. New York: Columbia UP, 1991. ix + 297. $16.50 US (paper). Doyle, Arthur Conan. The Best ofSherlock Holmes. London: J.M. Dem, 1992. viii + 396. $6.99 CAN (paper). Eliot. George. The Mill on the Floss. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. ? + 518. $4.95 CAN (paper). ------. Silas Marner. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. viii + 195. $3.95 CAN (paper). Forbes, Jack D. Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples. Champaign: U of Illinois P, 1993. 344. $14.95 US (paper). Gard, Roger. Jane Austen's Novels: The Art ofClarity. New Haven: Yale UP, 1992. viii + 261. $30.00 US (cloth). Books Received115 Gaskell, Elizabeth. North and South. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. ? + 477. $7.95 CAN (paper). Hardy, Thomas. Far from the Madding Crowd. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. vi + 377. $3.95 US (paper). ------. TAe Mayor of Casterbridge. London: J.M. Dent, 1993. ? + 344. $3.95 CAN (paper). -------. Tess of the D'UrbervilUs. London: J.M. Dem, 1993. ? +417. $4.95 US (paper). Harris, Jose. Private Lives Public Spirit: A Social History of Britian 1870-1914. New York: Oxford UP, 1993. viii + 283. $35.00 US (cloth). Hayward, Malcolm. Studies in the Humanities. Pennsylvania: Indiana UP, 1993. 92. James, Henry. TAe Turn of the Screw. London: J.M. Dem, 1990. ? + 139. $5.95 CAN (paper). Jordan, Thomas E. TAe Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth. New York: SUNY, 1993. ? + 335. $59.50 US (cloth); $19.95 US (paper). JuUi, Alan H. ed. In Search of Sir Richard Burton. San Marino: Huntington Library, 1993. 141. $16.00 US (paper). Kiely, Robert. Reverse Tradition: Postmodern Fictions and the Nineteenth Century Novel. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1993. viii + 302. $35.95 US (cloth). Kincaid, James. Sympathetic Identifications: The Criminal, The Pervert, and The Stranger in Literature and Culture. (F.E.L. Priestley Lecture Series) Lethbridge: U of Lethbridge P, 1993. ? + 45. Leps, Marie-Christine. Apprehending the Criminal: The Production ofDeviance in Nineteenth-Century Discourse. Durham: Duke UP, 1992. $45.00 US (cloth); $15.95 US (paper). Little, Greta D. and Joel Myerson eds. TAree Children's Novels by Christopher Pearse Crunch. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1993. vii + 153. $30.00 US (cloth). Lockwood, David ed. Kilvert, The Victorian: A New Selection from Kilvert's Diaries. Bridgend: Seren Books, 1992. 339. £14.95. MacMillan, Carrie, Lorraine McMullen and Elizabeth Waterston. Silenced Sextet: Six Nineteenth-Century Canadian Women Novelists. Montreal: McGiIlQueen 's UP, 1993. ? + 226. $39.95 CAN (cloth). Merrill, Linda. A Pot of Paint: Aesthetics on Trial in Whistler v. Ruskin. Washington: Smithsonian Institution P, 1993. vii...


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