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ON STAGE ^ 8^ JUDITH FISHER Queen's University My aim is to offer information about productions that are either currently playing or are scheduled to play in London, New York, Toronto or Montreal. However, I shall not always be able to guarantee that the productions I mention in this column will still be running even by the time you receive your copy of the Victorian Review due to the uncertainty of commercial theatre, particularly in the West End and on Broadway. Please accept my apologies if any of you are frustrated by this well-intentioned attempt to keep you informed about current productions of Victorian drama, because you arrive at a theatre only to be told: "Sorry, dear, that one's off; you should 'ave bin 'ere last week!" I sincerely hope that your time and travel arrangements coincide with the shows that take your fancy. LONDON: Trelawney ofthe Wells by Arthur Wing Pinero Comedy Theatre· From 7 December 1992 · Starring Sarah Brightman, Michael Horden, and Helena Bonham-Carter The reviews have been mixed, although most critics agree that the play remains what Charles Spencer calls "an affectionate portrait of the actors who inspired Pinero during his childhood theatre-going at Sadler's Wells in the 1860s" (Daily Telegraph Dec. 9, 1992). They also agree that Sir Michael, who has made it known that this will be his last stage performance, is well worth the price of the ticket. Brightman and BonhamCarter are by all accounts disappointing, but the actors who play the troupe ofthespians are not. Should you miss this production, you have a second opportunity to see the play at the Royal National Theatre, in the Olivier, where it previews from February 12, and opens February 18. An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde Globe Theatre· From U November 1992 · Directed by Peter Hall, starring Hannah Gordon and Martin Shaw, with Michael Denison and Dulde Gray as the Earl of Caversham and Lady Markby. The London Press have called it "Oscar Wilde's most polished comedy of manners, " in which the "immaculate face of high class society' covers a multitude of sins including blackmail, theft, and the sale of secret papers. I am told it's well worth seeing, ifonly for the consummate "old pros," Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray, who have been partners in theatre and marriage for over fifty years! On Stage113 Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw Royal National Theatre, Olivier · In repertory · Directed by Howard Davies, starring Frances Barber and Alan Howard, with Robin Bailey, Michael Bryant, and Alison Fiske. Shaw wrote of Pygmalion, "There must be something radically wrong with the play if it pleases everybody, but at the moment I cannot find what it is." This production has nothing radically wrong with it and the night I went to see it, it definitely pleased everybody, including an eight-year old girl next to me, who was enthralled throughout. But then Bill Dudley's sets are astonishing and it was wonderful to see the revolve and hydraulic lifts working to full effect. The spectacle, however, does not overshadow the more sombre moments of the play. This production offers the 'feminist parable* Shaw wanted the play to be. Princess Ida by Gilbert & Sullivan London Coliseum· Until January 21 · Produced by Ken Russell An E.N.O. production The Importance ofBeing Earnest by Oscar Wilde Aldwych Theatre· Previews from February 22, opens March 9 · All I know at the moment is that Maggie Smith is scheduled to star in the production. NEW YORK: Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw National Actors Theatre, Lyceum Theatre· January 19 - March 14 · Michael Langham is the director of this production with Tony Randall's company. MONTREAL: Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw Centaur Theatre· March 1 1 - April 4 · Miles Potter directs Shaw's witty commentary on the nature of war and the life of the professional soldier, which is set in the war-torn Balkan countries of 1857. Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekov Centaur Theatre· May 13 - June 6 · Maurice Podbrey (Centaur's Artistic Director) stars as Vanya ...


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