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GALLERY BIRMINGHAM CTTY COUNCIL MUSEUMS AND ART GALLERY Victorian Landscape Watercolours •11 February - 12 April 1993· First substantial exhibition devoted to the development of the landscape watercolour in the later nineteenth century. The only British venue. Comprising 126 watercolours from public and private collections in Britain and the United States including works by David Cox, Peter de Wint and Turner. IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, London Newsfrom the Front: Reuters at War, 1851-1922 •30 October 1992 - 28 February 1993· A display about the history of Reuters and how it has supplied news in wartime. Among the items on show will be old-fashioned communications equipment and its modem-day counterparts, bringing world news to the museum by the latest satellite technology; telegrams announcing dramatic war news; and mementoes from Reuter correspondents who reported from the front line. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, New York Alexander Jackson Davis (1813-1892) •until January 24 1993· To commemorate the centennial ofthe architect's death, the Metropolitan Museum ofArt has organized the first major exhibition of his work which includes some 125 sketches and watercolors illustrating many of Davis's ideas, from lavish villas to the furniture he designed to suit them. NATIONAL GALLERY, London Edvard Munch: The Frieze ofLife • 12 November 1992 - 7 February 1993· In the Frieze of Life, Munch concentrates on the themes of love, anxiety, and death. The exhibition comprises some 85 paintings, drawings, and prints, drawn mainly from the Munch Museum and the National Gallery in Oslo, and includes such celebrated paintingsofthe 1890s as The Dance ofLife, Madonna, Death in the Sickroom, Jealousy, Vampire, and The Scream. GaUery Stroll111 NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY, London Flight "Flight," the new aeronautics gallery at the Science Museum, is now open. One section of the exhibition which may interest readers of the Victorian Review is "Dreams of Flight (up to 1914). Early experimenters looked to the flight of birds to realize their dream of human flight. Crucial features seemed to be feathers and flapping wings so they devised bird-like machines, called omithopters. Key exhibits in this section of the gallery include Henson and Stringfellow's experimental aircraft from the 184Os, probably the first experimental model of a practical powered aircraft. [Editor's note: those of us feeling somewhat grounded may be interested in knowing that the Museum hopes to run a seminar on Vertical take-Off and Landing on 12 February 1993.] PHOENIX ART MUSEUM The Art ofSeeing: John Ruskin and the Victorian Eye •7 Much - 23 May 1993 (Phoenix)· •22 June - 29 Auguat 1992 (Indianapoli· Muaeum of Art)· Several of Ruskin's fundamental themes will be explored in this exhibition and in the accompanying catalogue: the importance of accurate perception in the attainment of knowledge and the creation of art; the role of criticism in these processes; Ruskin's role in the scientific debates of the time and the manner in which science affected his art; the necessity ofart education—that is, learning to see—for every individual; and the function of art museums. VICTORIAN AND ALBERT, London Twentieth Century Gallery A new "Twentieth Century Gallery' opens at the Victoriaand Albert Museum on 22 October, 1992. This gallery, the most distinctive and wide-ranging permanent display of international design in Britain, explores the huge range ofdesign ideas, techniques, and materials that have shaped consumer and household products this century. TATE GALLERY, London Beardsley to Romberg: British Drawings and Watercolors, 1870-1920 •18 November 1992 - 14 February 1993· A celebration of British drawing in all its forms. Artists include Walker, Sargent, Steer, Orpen, Gwen and Augustus John and the Camden Town Group. Other forthcoming exhibitions at the Tate in 1993 include Burne-Jones, July to November. The J. M. W. Turner Exhibitions continue in the Clore Gallery: Turner: The Final Years, 10 February - 17 May; Turner's Painting Techniques, 2 June - 12 September; Turner's Vignettes, 29 September - 23 January 1994. ...


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