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NWSA Journal 15.2 (2003) 220-221

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"Women and the Construction of Knowledge"--Student

Patricia H. Miller

Students earning a graduate certificate in Women's Studies at the University of Georgia contributed the following book reviews. The students were enrolled in a seminar, "Women and the Construction of Knowledge," the women's studies capstone course for the certificate. Students came from eight different disciplinary departments, ranging from geography to philosophy to health promotion. This course focuses on recent feminist scholarship and identifies current issues/debates in Women's Studies, particularly with respect to constructions of knowledge and its acquisition. In order to foster the students' professional development as women's studies scholars, the course requirements included papers and pedagogical projects of the sort that students will produce after obtaining the Ph.D. One of these requirements was to write a [End Page 222] book review that might be published in a leading women's studies journal. The NWSA Journal staff provided a set of books needing reviewers from which the students selected books of particular interest to them.

The instructor for this course is Patricia H. Miller, Professor of Women's Studies and Psychology and Director of Women's Studies at the University of Georgia. Her research examines cognitive development and feminist models of knowledge and human development. She can be contacted at Women's Studies, University of Georgia, 1200 S. Lumpkin, Athens, GA 30602;




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