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NWSA Journal 15.2 (2003) viii

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J. Mac


J.Mac�s Oracle (27" H x 30" W x 27" D) was inspired by the Pythoness of Delphi, a famed Greek mystic. She holds a green sphere that is representative of the tool the Pythoness used for scrying. This ball is also a pod, which symbolizes growth through knowledge and the life force the Oracle generates. She is abstracted yet figurative, a whole body without a head or arms, which lends to the feeling of antiquity. Eternally the seer, the Oracle shows the constant passage of time.

Constructed of fiberglass, layers of sisal are applied to the base form with adhesive and a sealant that is then spread over the finished product to preserve the material�s integrity. The ball seated in Oracle�s lap is also cast in fiberglass. Nails are adhered to the ball and strengthened by coating the nail heads with more fiberglass. To finish the sphere, layers of car lacquer are applied to its surface.




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