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Bianchi, Diana, and Catia Nannoni, Back to the Future: The Journey of The Bloody Chamber in Italy and France, 51-69
Do Rozario, Rebecca-Anne, Australia's Fairy Tales Illustrated in Print: Instances of Indigeneity, Colonization, and Suburbanization, 13-32
Duggan, Anne E., An Interview with Jacques Barchilon: From Free French Soldier to Fairy-Tale Pioneer, 207-20
Hourcade, Philippe, Merveilles et contes chez le duc de Saint-Simon, 261-75
Hubert, Judd D., George Cruikshank's Graphic and Textual Reactions to Mother Goose, 286-97
Naithani, Sadhana, Time, Space, and Lutz Röhrich, 117-23
Nikolajeva, Maria, "I Spy Rumpelstiltskin": Playing Games with the Reader in The Witch's Boy, 316-28
Pendlebury, Kate, The Building of A House of Pomegranates, 124-41
Ryan-Sautour, Michelle, Authorial Ghosts and Maternal Identity in Angela Carter's "Ashputtle or The Mother's Ghost: Three Versions of One Story" (1987), 33-50
Schmiesing, Ann, Naming the Helper: Maternal Concerns and the Queen's Incorrect Guesses in the Grimms' "Rumplestiltskin," 298-315
Seifert, Lewis C., Animal-Human Hybridity in d'Aulnoy's "Babiole" and "Prince Wild Boar," 244-60
Shen, Qinna, Barometers of GDR Cultural Politics: Contextualizing the DEFA Grimm Adaptations, 70-95
Thez, Nicole, Nature Romanticism and the Grimms' Tales: An Ecocritical Approach to Günter Grass's The Flounder and The Rat, 96-116
Velay-Vallantin, Catherine, Le Roi Herla au pas de Galles Lectures nationalistes du voyage dans l'autre monde, 276-85
Zipes, Jack, The Meaning of Fairy Tale within the Evolution of Culture, 221-43

Texts & Translations

Magnanini, Suzanne, Between Straparola and Basile: Three Fairy Tales from Lorenzo Selva's Della metamorfosi (1582), 331-70
Thibodeau, Gigi, and Todd Avery, Lytton Strachey's "The Decline and Fall of Little Red Riding Hood," 145-51


Adam, Jean-Michel, and Ute Heidmann, Le texte littéraire: Pour une approche interdisciplinaire (Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère), 383-85
Bobby, Susan Redington, ed., Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings (Merja Makinen), 169-71 [End Page 407]
Bottigheimer, Ruth B., Fairy Tales: A New History (Shuli Barzilai), 171-74
Burton, Tim, dir., Alice in Wonderland (Jan Susina), 181-83
Defrance, Anne, and Jean-François Perrin, eds., Bibliothèque des génies et des fées 16. IV. Contes parodiques et licencieux (1730-1754) (Charlotte Trinquet), 159-64
Ewers, Hans-Heino, Erfahrung schrieb's und reicht's der Jugend: Geschichte der deutschen Kinder- und Jugendliteratur vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert; Gesammelte Beiträge aus drei Jahrzehnten (Tatiana Korneeva), 388-90
Frus, Phyllis, and Christy Williams, ed., Beyond Adaptation: Essays on Radical Transformations of Original Works (Kim Snowden), 385-87
Funke, Cornelia, Reckless (Sandra Ballif Straubhaar), 397-99
Funke, Cornelia, Reckless: Steinernes (Sandra Ballif Straubhaar), 397-99
Gere, Jeff, The Two Brothers: A Rockin' Musical Story Tellin' (Theresa Osbourne), 183-85
Gevrey, Françoise, ed., Bibliothèque des génies et des fées 18. IV. Contes parodiques et licencieux (1730-1754) (Charlotte Trinquet), 159-64
Hermansson Jackson, Casie E., Bluebeard: A Reader's Guide to the En glish Tradition (Janet L. Langlois), 379-81
Jomand-Baudry, Régine, Véronique Costa, and Violaine Géraud, eds., Bibliothèque des génies et des fées 17. IV. Contes parodiques et licencieux (1730-1754) (Charlotte Trinquet), 159-64
Kamei, Toshiya, trans., The Fox's Window and Other Stories (Luciana Cardi), 176-78
Kaplan, David, dir., The Year of the Fish (Aiko Yamashiro), 178-81
Martus, Steffen, Die Brüder Grimm: Eine Biographie (Ann Schmiesing), 164-67
Oriol, Carme, and Josep M. Pujol, Index of Catalan Folktales (Adam Zolkover), 157-59
Pemberton, Marilyn, ed., Enchanted Ideologies: A Collection of Rediscovered Nineteenth-Century Moral Fairy Tales (Jack Zipes), 167-69
Perrin, Jean-François, ed., Thomas-Simon Gueullette: Contes (Ruth B. Bottigheimer), 374-76
Pullman, Philip, The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ (JoAnn Conrad), 394-96
Pyrhönen, Heta, Bluebeard Gothic: Jane Eyre and Its Progeny (Catherine Tosenberger), 381-83
Rizzoni, Nathalie, Julie Boch, and Nadine Jasmin, eds., L'âge d'or du conte de fées: De la comédie à la critique (1690-1709) (Ruth B. Bottigheimer), 371-74
Robert, Raymonde, Nadine...


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