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Index to Volume 22 Articles: Conover, Robin St. John. Jane Eyre's Triptych and MUton s 171 Paradise Lost: An Artistic Vision of Revisionist MyUimaking Dingley, Robert. Shades of die Prison House: Discipline and1 Surveillance in Tom Brown's Schooldays Knelman, Judith. Nervous Debility: A Disorder Made to Order13 MaUey, Shawn. Austen Henry Layard and die Periodical Press:152 Middle Eastern Archaeology and die Excavation of Cultural Identity in Mid-Nineteenui Century Britain Panek, Jennifer. Construction and Masculinity in Adam Bede and127 Wives and Daughters Smith, Monika Rydygier. TroUope's Dark Vision: Domestic32 Violence in The Way We Live Now Surridge, Lisa Unspeakable Histories: Hester Deuiridge and die102 Narration of Domestic Violence in Man and Wife Review Articles: Morgan, Marjorie. Travel, Identity and Culture190 Srebmik, Patricia Thomas. Victorian Women Poets71 Reviews: Assael, Brenda. Arma Davin. Growing Up Poor: Home, School and197 Street in London 1870-1914 Boyd, KeUy. Michael J. Childs. Labour's Apprentices: Working-Class81 Lads in Late Victorian and Edwardian England Connors, Richard. Clare Midgley. Women Against Slavery: The British207 Campaigns 1780-1870 Finn, Margot Ginger S. Frost. Promues Broken: Coursthip, Class, and86 Gender in Victorian England Frost, Ginger. Kathryn Gleade. The Early Feminists: Radical Unitarians202 and the Emergence of the Women's Rights Movement, 1831-51 Gilbert, Pamela K. Andrew H. MiUer. NoveL· Behind Glass: Commodity209 Culture and Victorian Narrative Howsam, Leslie. Lee Erickson. The Economy ofUterary Form: English 199 Literature and the Industrialization of Publishing, 1800-1850 Index231 McMaster, Juliet. Christine Alexander and Jane Sellars. The Art ofthe204 Brontës McWiUiam, Rohan. Peter Taylor. Popular Politics in Early Industrial84 Britain: Bolton 1825-1850 Sinnema, Peter W. Lindsay Smith. Victorian Photography, Painting217 and Poetry: The Enigma of Vuibility in Ruskin, Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites Sturrock, June. Marjorie Stone. Women Writers: Elizabeth Barrett79 Browning Van Arsdel, Rosemary T. Patricia Anderson. When Passion Reigned:88 Sex and the Victorians Wiesendial, Christine. Clair Kahane. Passions ofthe Voice: Hysteria,212 Narrative, and the Figure of the Speaking Woman ...


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