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228Victorian Review Drive, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 5A5, CANADA; Ph. (306) 966-5506; Fax: (306) 966-5951; e-mail: OR Douglas Thorpe, Secretary-Treasurer, Ph. (306) 966-5629; Fax: (306) 966-5951; e-mail: The 28th annual conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals will be held in Chicago 12-13 September 1997. For further information, contact Barbara Quinn Schmidt, English Department, Box 1431, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL 62026; email BOOKS RECEIVED Inclusion in this list does not preclude the possibility of a future review. Blair, Sara. Henry James and the Writing of Race and Nation. New York: Cambridge UP, 1996. vi + 259. $49.95 US (cloth). Booth, Michael R. and Joel H. Kaplan (eds.). The Edwardian Theatre: Essays on Performance and the Stage. New York: Cambridge UP, 1996. ix + 243. $49.95 US (cloth). Brantlinger, Patrick. Fictions of State: Culture and Credit in Britain, ¡694-1994. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 1996. ix + 291. $42.50 US (cloth); $17.95 US (paper). Chappie, J.A.V. and Anita Wilson (eds.). Private Voices: The Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sophia Holland. Keele: Keele UP, 1996. 128. £17.95. de Grazia, Victoria and Ellen Furlough (eds.). The Sex of Things: Gender and Consumption in Historical Perspective. Los Angeles: U of California P, 1996. vii + 433. Feinberg, Harriet (ed.) Memories: My Life as an International Leader in Health, Suffrage, and Peace, Aletta Jacobs. New York: The Feminist P, 1996. vii + 248. $45.00 US (cloth); $18.95 (paper). Gager, Valerie L. Shakespeare & Dickens: The Dynamics of Influence. New York: Cambridge UP, 1996. ix + 419. $59.95 US (cloth). Ginsburg, Micha! Peled. Economies of Change: Form and Transformation in the Nineteenth-Century Novel. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1996. xi + 251. $39.50 US (cloth). Glover, David. Vampires, Mummies, and Liberals: Bram Stoker and the Politics of Popular Fiction. Durham: Duke UP, 1996. ix + 212. $49.95 US (cloth); $16.95 US (paper). Lancaster, Bill. The Department Store: A Social History. London: Leicester UP, 1995. vii + 212. Books Received229 Lee, Stephen J. Aspects of British Political History, 1815-1914. Florence: Routledge, 1994. vii + 375. $18.95 US (paper). Malchow, H.L. Gothic Images ofRace in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Stanford UP. 335. $55.00 US (cloth); $18.95 US (paper). Millgate, Michael. Letters of Emma & Florence Hardy. Don Mills: Oxford UP, 1996. ? + 364. $96.95 CAN (cloth). Nauright, John and Timothy J.L. Chandler (eds.). Making Men: Rugby and Masculine Identity. Portland: Frank Cass, 1996. vii + 260. $39.50 US (cloth); $25.00 US (paper). Papayanis, Nicholas. Horse-Drawn Cabs and Omnibuses in Paris: The Idea of Circulation and the Business of Public Transit. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 1996. xiii + 217. $49.50 US (cloth). Pert«, Charles P.C. Celebrating Thomas Hardy: Insights and Appreciations. New York: St. Martin's P. 1996. ? + 200. $59.95 US (cloth). Rees, Terence and David Wilmore (eds.). British Theatrical Patents, 1801-1900. London: The Society for Theatre Research, 1996. ? + 187. £15.00 (cloth). Rosenberg, Brian. Little Dorrit's Shadows: Character and Contradiction in Dickens. Columbia: U of Missouri P, 1996. ix + 165. $35.95 US (cloth). Sandison, Alan. Robert Louis Stevenson and the Appearance of Modernism. New York: St Martin's P, 1996. vii + 424. $59.95 US (cloth). Schad, John (ed.). Dickens Refigured: Bodies, Desires and Other Histories. New York: Manchester UP, 1996. ix + 240. $79.95 US (cloth); $24.95 US (paper). Skilton, David. Anthony Trollope and His Contemporaries: A Study in the Theory and Conventions of Mid-Victorian Fiction. New York: St. Martin's P, 1996. vii + 170. $39.95 US (cloth). Symons, Arthur. Images of Good and Evil, 1899. New York: Woodstock Books, 1996. 180. $49.50 US (cloth). Timko, Michael and Edward Guiliano (eds.). Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction, Vol 24. New York: AMS P, 1996. vii + 296. $57.50 US (cloth). ...


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