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Index to Volume 21 Perspectives on Victorian Canada Austin, Andrea. "(Un)BuUding the Nation: Mary Leslie's The Cromaboo Mail Carrier"37 Diamond, Marion. "Friendship in Isolation; or, why William Kirby dedicated The Golden Dog to Maria Rye"1 Huenemarm, Karyn. "Art and Photography: Sara Jeannette Duncan's Response to Kipling"18 Articles: Curtís, Jeni. "'Manning the world': the role of the male narrator in Elizabeth Gaskell's Cousin Philiis"129 HelfiekL Randa. "Poisonous Plots: Women Sensation Novelists and Murderesses of the Victorian Period"161 Lawson, Kate. "Violated and Defiled: Signora Neroni's Body in Barchester Towers"54 Perkin, J. RusseU. "Inhabiting Wuthering Heights: Jane Urquhart's Rewriting of EmUy Bronte"115 Pulsford, Stephen "The Aesthetic and the Closed Shop: The Ideology of the Aesthetic in Dickens's Hard Times"145 Review Article: Maier, Sarah. "Dangerous Discourses: Theorizing Gender, SexuaUty and Friendship"70 Reviews: Andrews, Malcolm. Dickens and the Grown-up Child. Reviewed by Robert M. DeGraaf199 BaiUn, Miriam. The Sickroom in Victorian Fiction.· The Art ofBeing IU. Reviewed by M. dare Loughlin.82 Bodenheimer, Rosemarie. The Real Ufe ofMary Ann Evans.· George Eliot, Her Letters andFiction. Reviewed by Rohan Maitzen201 CarroU, David. George Eliot and the Conflict ofInterpretations.· A Reading ofthe Novels. Reviewed by OUver Lovesey189 Dowling, Linda. Hellenism and Homosexuality in Victorian Oxford. Reviewed by Rowena Fowler.103 Index217 Emerson, Sheila. Ruskin: The Genesis ofInvention. Reviewed by Sharon Aronofsky Weltman.100 HaU, Donald E. Muscular Christianity: Embodying the Victorian Age. Reviewed by Leslie Howsam.204 Joyce, Patrick. Democratic subjects. The selfand the social in nineteenth century England. Reviewed by Martin Hewitt75 Kaplan, Joel H. and Sheila StoweU. Theatre and Fashion: Oscar Wilde to the Suffragettes. Reviewed by Judith W. Fisher.95 King. W.D. Henry living's Waterloo: Theatrical Engagements with Arthur Conan Doyle, George Bernard Shaw, EUen Terry, Edward Gordon Craig, Late-Victorian Culture, Assorted Ghosts, OldMen, War and History. Reviewed by Barry O'Connor.98 Levere. Trevor H. Science and the Canadian Arctic: A Century of Exploration, 1818-1918. Reviewed by MJ. Whittles,84 Martin, Carol. George Eliots Serial Fiction. Reviewed by OUver Lovesey 1 89 Michie, Elsie B. Outside the Pale: Cultural Exclusion, Gender Difference and the Victorian Woman Writer. Reviewed by Marjorie Stone. 194 Nunokawa, Jeff. The Afterlife ofProperty: Domestic Security and the Victorian Novel. Reviewed by Richard C. Burke.89 Stone, Harry. The Night Side ofDickens: CannibaUsm, Passion, Necessity. Reviewed by Monika R. Smith.91 ...


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