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News ofMembers119 Historians of Boston. She is the author ofSavoring the Past: the French Kitchen and Table from 1300-1789 (U of Pennsylvania P, 1983). She is now working on a study of kitchens and tables in Paris during the nineteenth century. Robert Rawdon Wilson teaches English literature at the University of Alberta. His chief interests are in Uterary theory. He has published on such conceptual topics as postmodernism, time, space, play, and game in a wide variety ofjournals, including Critical Inquiry, Modem Philology, Poetics Today, English Literary Renaissance, Shakespeare Quarterly, and Essays on Canadian Writing. His most recent pubUcation is In Palamedes' Shadow: Explorations in Play, Game, and Narrative Theory (Northeastern UP, 1990). NEWS OF VSAWC MEMBERS Lionel Adey, University of Victoria, has published an article about Hopkins entitled "Images that Wake" in the Hopkins Quarterly 20. His book Class & Idol in the English Hymn was published in 1989. Phiup Allingham, Ministry of Education, British Columbia, will publish "The Names of Dickens' American Originals in Martin Chuzzlewtt" this fall in 77k Dickens Quarterly. Kenneth DeLong, UniversityofCalgary, has published "Recent Victorians" in theJournal oftheAmerican Liszt Society 24.1 (1988), dealing with recent books on Elgar, English song, Victorian Cathedral Music, among others. Offprints are available from the author. John Doheny, University of British Columbia, will publish "The Race for Money and Good Things,' Far From the Madding Crowd," in 77k Thomas Hardy Year Book 20, and "D. H. Lawrence and 'Real Knowledge'; Holistic Wisdom and is There a Future for It," in the next D. H. Lawrence SocietyJournal. This summer he presented two papers: "The One-idea'd Creatures ofHardy'sReturn ofthe Native" in Dorchester, and "D. H. Lawrence and Real Knowledge" in Montpellier, France. IAN DYCK, Simon Fraser University, has recently published "From 'Rabble' to Chopsticks: The Radicalism of William Cobbett,"/40>ion 21.1 (1989); "Towards the 'Cottage Charter': The Expressive Culture of Farm Workers in Nineteenth-Century England" will appear in Rural History 1.1, a new journal from Cambridge UP. SUSAN Hamilton, University ofAlberta, is currently working on a study ofgender in the literature of the anti-vivisection movement of the 1870-189Os, provisionally entitled: Still Lives: Gender and the Literature of the Victorian Vivisection Controversy. Leslie Howsam is now in the History Department of the University of Toronto making a study of the publishing firms of Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner, and Henry S. King on a SSHRCC Postdoctoral fellowship. Her book Cheap Bibles: Nineteenth CenturyPublishing 120Victorian Review and the British and Foreign Bible Society wiU be published by CUP in 1991. Robert O'Kell is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Society for the Humanities, Cornell University. He is working on a study of "The Rhetoric of Victorian Politics," supported by a two-year released time/research grant from SSHRCC. R. H. TENER, University of Calgary, and Malcolm Woodfield co-edited A Victorian Spectator Uncollected Writings ofR. H. Hutton (Bristol P, 1989). ROSEMARY VANARSDEL, University of Puget Sound, has published, with J. Don Vann, Victorian Periodicals: A Guide to Research, Vol. 2 (MLA, 1989). PRJScrLLA WALTON, University of Lethbridge, has published "There's no such thing as an isolated man or woman'; Subjectivity in The Portrait of a Lady" in Connecticut Review (Summer 1990); and "Everything . . . might mean almost anything': Absence and Creativity in James' In the Cage" in North Dakota Quarterly (Summer 1990). "The Displacement of Place: Italy and the Feminine in Henry James' Roderick Hudson" is forthcoming in Scripta MediterrĂ¡nea. C. S. Wiesenthal, a SSHRCC doctoral fellow at the University of Alberta, is presently completing her dissertation on the semiotics of insanity in nineteenth-century prose fiction. Her article, "From Charcot to Plato: The History of Hysteria in Heart and Science," is forthcoming in the Dickens Studies Annual. ARLENE Young is currently a doctoral student in English at Cornell University. She has been awarded both Cornell's Andrew D. White Graduate Fellowship and a doctoral fellowship from SSHRCC. Her article, "Hypothetical Discourse as Reelle in The Golden Bowl," wUI be reprinted in On Henry James: The Bestfrom American Literature (1990). ANNOUNCEMENTS The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals awards the VanArsdel Prize for the outstanding essay on British Victorian periodicals, written by a graduate...


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