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  • Corrigendum

The Editors apologize for the following errors in Social Politics, Volume 18, Number 2:

  • Hobson, Barbara. 2011. "Introduction: The Agency Gap in Work-Life Balance: Applying Sen's Capabilities Framework Within European Contexts." Social Politics 18 (2): 147-167. doi:10.1093/sp/jxr012.

    Sentenced repeated on pp. 152 and 153. Delete sentence on p. 152: By focusing on agency inequalities, we highlight the need for more dynamic models in comparative welfare state research that reflect process-oriented analyses rather than the more conventional analysis of outcomes in welfare regimes, such as income inequalities, or comparative studies of public expenditures.

  • Hobson, Barbara, Susanne Fahlén, and Judit Takács. 2011. "Agency and Capabilities to Achieve a Work-Life Balance: A Comparison of Sweden and Hungary." Social Politics 18 (2): 168-198. doi:10.1093/sp/jxr007.

    p. 186: for her husband who was not told not to come to work, read her husband who was told not to come to work.

    p. 193: for conversion facts, read conversion factors.

  • Kanjuo Mrĉela, Aleksandra, and Nevenka Černigoj Sadar. 2011. "Social Policies Related to Parenthood and Capabilities of Slovenian Parents." Social Politics 18 (2): 199-231. doi:10.1093/sp/jxr010.

    p. 204: for she can not perform a responsible function, read she cannot function as a responsible manager.

    p. 207: for often perceived as more reliable working force, read often perceived as a more reliable workforce. [End Page 598]

    p. 212: for people had expected secure, read people had expected secure futures.

    p. 221: for these tensions that experienced, read these tensions that are experienced.

  • Den Dulk, Laura, Bram Peper, Nevenka Černigoj Sadar, Suzan Lewis, Janet Smithson, and Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes. 2011. "Work, Family, and Managerial Attitudes and Practices in the European Workplace: Comparing Dutch, British, and Slovenian Financial Sector Managers." Social Politics 18 (2): 300-329. doi:10.1093/sp/jxr009.

    p. 307: for this has been seen in the heightened, read this has been heightened.

    p. 322: for in extent of national legislation, read in extending national legislation.

    p. 325: for views of the BIC managers, read views of the managers. [End Page 599]

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