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ERRATA FOR DICTIONARIES NO. The following list includes errors and emendations submitted by various readers of Dictionaries. I appreciate the assistance they have provided and regret the errors. P. 19, line 8: For Speec read Speech. P. 231, line 23: For and labels read and adding labels. P. 231, line 36: F??footnote read note. P. 290, line 1: Start a new paragraph. P. 317, line 37: For attention read addition. P. 318, line 2: For indeed read thus. P. 319, line 35: For spelled in Yiddish letters read spelled in Yiddish letters, rather than the actual Yiddish equivalent, khasene (which is derivedfrom Hebrew chatunaj. P. 319, line 38: Delete (see note 1). P. 342, line 1 1 : For Frederick read Frederic. P. 351, line 8: For from read for. zebu ze-bu (zE'bycT)), B. a domesticated. Asiatic, bovine animal, Iios indicus, having a !ante hump over the shoulders and a large dewlap. [< F zebu, pern. < Tibetan] Zebu (6 ft. high at shoulder) 327 ...


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