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  • Index to Volume 35

Number 1 (Spring 2011): 1–132

Number 2 (Summer 2011): 133–274

Number 3 (Fall 2011): 275–454

Number 4 (Winter 2011): 455–604

Special Sections

The Past, Present, and Future of Economics for History 209–271

Chronologies and Complexities of Western Neoliberalism 323–452

Presidential Address

1-800-How-Am-I-Driving? Agency in Social Science History (Julia Adams) 1


Beck, Colin J. The World-Cultural Origins of Revolutionary Waves: Five Centuries of European Contention 167

Binder, John J. The Transportation Revolution and Antebellum Sectional Disagreement 19

Carl, Jim. see Saatcioglu, Argun

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DeBats, Donald A. Political Consequences of Spatial Organization: Contrasting Patterns in Two Nineteenth-Century Small Cities 505

DeBats, Donald A., and Ian N. Gregory. Introduction to Historical GIS and the Study of Urban History 455

Elman, Cheryl, and Andrew S. London. Racial Differences in Multigenerational Living Arrangements in 1910 275

Gauvreau, Danielle see Gilliland, Jason A. [End Page 603]

Gilliland, Jason A. see Novak, Mathew J.

Gilliland, Jason A., Sherry H. Olson, and Danielle Gauvreau. Did Segregation Increase as the City Expanded? The Case of Montreal, 1881–1901 465

Gregory, Ian N. see DeBats, Donald A.

Hogan, Richard. Resisting Redemption: The Republican Vote in Georgia in 1876 133

Johnson, Val Marie. Introduction 323

Krinsky, John. Neoliberal Times: Intersecting Temporalities and the Neoliberalization of New York City’s Public-Sector Labor Relations 381

London, Andrew S. see Elman, Cheryl

McClure, James E. see Coelho, Philip R. P.

Mele, Christopher. Casinos, Prisons, Incinerators, and Other Fragments of Neoliberal Urban Development 423

Mitch, David. Economic History in Departments of Economics: The Case of the University of Chicago, 1892 to the Present 237

Mudge, Stephanie Lee. What’s Left of Leftism? Neoliberal Politics in Western Party Systems, 1945–2004 337

Novak, Mathew J., and Jason A. Gilliland. Trading Places: A Historical Geography of Retailing in London, Canada 543

Olson, Sherry H. see Gilliland, Jason A.

Raymond, Aaron. Denny Regrade, 1893–2008: A Case Study in Historical GIS 571

Ryden, David B. Perhaps We Can Talk: Discussant Comments for “Taking Stock and Moving Ahead: The Past, Present, and Future of Economics for History” 209

Saatcioglu, Argun, and Jim Carl. The Discursive Turn in School Desegregation: National Patterns and a Case Analysis of Cleveland, 1973–1998 59

Vanderstraeten, Raf. Scholarly Communication in Education Journals 109 [End Page 604]



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