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Uri Bialer is a Professor of International Relations at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His recent publications include: Cross on the Star of David: The Christian World in Israel's Foreign Policy (Bloomington, IN, 2005); "Top Hat, Tuxedo and Cannons: Israeli Foreign Policy from 1948 to 1956 as a Field of Study," Israel Studies 7.1 (2001); Oil and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (London, 1999); and Between East and West: Israel's Policy Orientation 1948-1956 (Cambridge, 1990).

Seth J. Frantzman is a Post-Doctorate scholar in the Department of Geography at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His recent publications include: "Educating for Empowerment: Private Education Systems among the Palestinians 1850-2000," Digest of Middle East Studies (2011); and "One of the Most Spectacular Law Suits Ever Launched, Abdulhamid's Heirs, His lands and the Land Case in Palestine 1908-1950," co-authored with Ruth Kark. New Perspectives on Turkey 42 (Spring, 2010).

Jonathan Gribetz is an Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies and History at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. He is the author of "An Arabic-Zionist Talmud: Shimon Moyal's At-Talmud," Jewish Social Studies 17.1 (2010).

Motti Inbari is an Assistant Professor of religion at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. His recent publications include: Jewish Fundamentalism and the Temple Mount: Who Will Build the Third Temple? (New York, 2009); "When Prophecy Fails? The Theology of the Oslo Process—Rabbinical Responses to a Crisis of Faith" Modern Judaism (2009); "Post-Zionism in the Religious-Zionist Camp: The 'Jewish Leadership' Movement," Democratic Culture 11 (2009); and "The Zionist Perspectives of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook and the Origins of Gush Emunim," Iyunim Betkumat Israel 18 (2008) [Hebrew].

Ruth Kark is Professor in the Department of Geography at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her recent publications include: "The Environment in Palestine in the late Ottoman Period, 1798-1918," co-authored with Noam Levin, in Israel's Environmental History, ed. Char Miller, Alon Tal, [End Page 186] and Daniel Orenstein (Pittsburgh, 2011); Independence and Entrepreneurship Among Arab Muslim Rural and Bedouin Women in Israel, co-authored with Emir Galilee, and Tamar Feuerstein (Jerusalem, 2009); and "Maps and the Settlement of Southern Palestine, 1799-1948: An Historical/GIS Analysis," co-authored with Noam Levin and Emir Galilee, Journal of Historical Geography 129 (2009).

Gideon Kressel is a Professor in the Department of Man in the Desert at the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is author of Let Shepherding Endure: Applied Anthropology and the Preservation of a Cultural Tradition in Israel and the Middle East (New York, 2003).

Raanan Rein is Director of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies at Tel-Aviv University. His recent publications include: "Ghosts of the Past, Challenges of the Present: New and Old 'Others' in Contemporary Spain," co-authored with Martina Weisz, Julius H. Schoeps, and Olaf Glöckner, in A Road to Nowhere? Jewish Experiences in Unifying Europe (Leiden and Boston, 2011); and Argentine Jews or Jewish Argentines? Essays on History, Ethnicity and Diaspora (Leiden and Boston, 2010); In the Shadow of Perón (Stanford, 2008).

James Renton is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at Edge Hill University (U.K). He is author of The Zionist Masquerade The Birth of the Anglo-Zionist Alliance, 1914-1918 (Basingstoke, UK, 2007).

Yael Reshef teaches Modern Hebrew in the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Languages at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her recent publications include: "Instructing or Recruiting? Language and Style in 1920s and 1930s Tel-Aviv Municipal Posters," co-authored with Anat Helman, Jewish Studies Quarterly 16 (2009); and "Folksongs, Popular Songs and Spoken Hebrew: The Integration of Colloquial Language into Popular Music during the Yishuv and Early Statehood Periods," Leshonenu 70 (2008) [Hebrew].

Matthew Silver is a Senior Lecturer in Modern Jewish History at the Max Stern College of Emek Yezreel. His recent publications include: Our Exodus: Leon Uris and the Americanization of Israel's Founding Story (Detroit, 2010); "Louis Marshall and the Democratizationof Jewish Identity," American Jewish History 94.1-2 (2008); and First Contact: Origins of the [End Page 187] American-Israeli Connection—Halutzim from...


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