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ANNOUNCEMENTS The Editor and the Executive Secretary would like to thank the many section chairs who made the preparation of this year's program so much easier than last year's by their compliance with the guidelines for program submissions. In only a few cases did we receive abstracts longer than 50-75 words or arrangements of papers that were difficult for us to interpret. Section chairs are urged to follow the guidelines which follow in the next paragraph and to comply with further instructions they receive from the Executive Secretary. SECTION GUIDELINES: In response to many comments, the RMMLA Executive Board would like to make the following recommendations : 1) Papers should be limited to 10-15 minutes in length; 2) There should normally be three papers per session; 3) Each presenter should stay within time limitations; the chair should present a time-slip when the time is almost up; 4) There should be time for discussion in each session; 5) Time should be allowed for electing a secretary (president-elect) from the presenters; 6) Ingeborg Carlson should be given the results of the elections immediately on a sheet of paper containing the name of the section, name of the presiding officer for next year (and the address), the name of the newly-elected secretary (and the address), special theme (if any) of next year's section, and the number of people in attendance. Only people attending the entire section meeting should be eligible to vote, and the slate should consist only of those people who made presentations. Please note: Abstracts running longer than 50-75 words will be cut by the Editor. SALT LAKE CITY CHAIRS: If you have any special announcement that you would like to have brought to the attention of the RMMLA membership, please give the Executive Secretary, Prof. Ingeborg Carlson, this information by November 15, 1981 so that she can include it with the ballots. Her address is Department of Foreign Languages, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, 85287. Information for possible inclusion in the program should be sent to the Editor, Prof. David William Foster, at the same address by April 1, 1982. RMMLA OFFICER NOMINATIONS: Ifyou would like to nominate anyone to be an officer in the RMMLA organization, please contact Carol Mullaney, English Department, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho 83707. ROCKY MOUNTAIN REVIEW179 PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: All Program participants must be members of RMMLA in order to be on the program. If your membership has lapsed, please renew. FUTURE RMMLA CONVENTION SESSIONS: Requests for future RMMLA sessions must be submitted in writing to the executive board, must include a title and rationale, and must include the name of the person who would chair the session. RESEARCH FUNDS AVAILABLE: The Division of Research Programs of the NEH provides support for all phases of research in the humanities. Funds are available for making accessible the materials of research, for the creation of reference works and research tools, scholarly editions, translations, for the interpretation of knowledge through collaborative, long-range projects, for research conferences, and for publication subventions. For further information , please contact Marjorie A. Berlincourt, Deputy Director, Division of Research Programs, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington D.C. 20506. 180VOL 35, No. 3 — CONVENTION ISSUE, 1981 ...


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