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Contributors Notes Justin Willis is a sophomore English major at the University of Kentucky. "Photographs of a Party," was composed during a poetry workshop led by Marcia Southwick at the University of New Mexico. Kim Ports has published her poems in a number of magazines, most recently in the Great Plains poets issue of the Midwest Quarterly and Blue Line. She has just completed her first book manuscript, Sacred Days. She lives and writes in Iowa. Rachel J. Halverson is Assistant Professor of German at Washington State University. She has published on Siegfried Lenz, the Historikerstreit, Jurek Becker, and the teaching of culture in the foreign language classroom. Currently, she is working on autobiographies published by East German authors following German unification. When Debjani Banerjee wrote her review essay for the Rocky Mountain Review, she was teaching English at Boise State University. At this time, she resides in Calcutta, India. Hélène M. Julien is Assistant Professor of French at Arizona State University, where she specializes in 20th century literature. She has published on Paul Valéry's Cahiers and Catherine Pozzi's Journal. She is also preparing a section on Christiane Rochefort for D'autres voix, a new anthology of French and Francophone women writers currently being compiled. Alayna Dusenbury is a native New Mexican. She is now attending the University of New Mexico where she is majoring in creative writing. She has had a poem published in the Southwest Creative Writing Awards Magazine and was awarded second place in the Academy ofAmerican Poets Poetry Contest. Anne F. Widmayer is a doctoral student at the University of Michigan. She is writing her dissertation on cognitive mapping in the fiction and drama ofAphra Behn and Henry Fielding. ...


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