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Perspectives on Science 11.1 (2003) 130-132

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Guidelines for Contributors

We invite submissions of original articles to Perspectives on Science (POS). All articles deemed appropriate for POS are sent out for peer review by scholars who are experts in the author's particular field. POS publishes only English-language articles. We cannot accept or review articles that have been published previously or that are under consideration by any other journal or publisher. We regret that we are not able to pay contributors; however, each author will receive either twenty-five reprints of the article in print or a one-year complementary subscription.

Preparation of Copy

1. POS is edited according to The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition, revised (University of Chicago Press, 1993). Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to nonsubstantive editing to bring them into conformity with the journal's style.

2. All manuscripts must be in the English language, typed on sturdy paper, and double spaced throughout (including all quotations, tables, footnotes, etc.). Allow margins of approximately 1.5" on all sides; wide margins and full double spacing are essential, to provide room for copyediting and for instructions to the typesetter. Manuscripts under 15,000 words are preferred.

3. Attach a title page giving the title of the manuscript and the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s); the title page is numbered page 1. All pages must be fully integrated (i.e., a page inserted between pages 7 and 8 cannot be numbered 7A; it must be numbered 8, and the remaining pages must be renumbered).

4. Include a one-paragraph abstract of not more than 200 words.

5. Each table, chart, and figure (with legend) must be on a separate page, after the references list, and must be numbered consecutively with the rest of the manuscript. [End Page 130]

6. Authors must cite all references in text (internal citation). A list of references should follow the main text. Footnotes are expository in nature—that is, they do not contain bibliographic information; however, they may contain reference citations. POS follows the rule of one-to-one correspondence with regard to references cited; that is, only those works that are cited within the article are to be included within the reference list. When multiple references are cited at the same location, they must be listed in chronological order. Within the reference list, references are ordered alphabetically by the surnames of the first authors, then by the surnames of the second authors, etc.; if authors are identical for multiple references, the latter are ordered chronologically.

Citation of References
  General text reference entries:
   (Smith 1965); (Smith 1965; Jones 1978)
  Text reference in connection with a quotation:
   (Smith 1965, pp. 112-14)
  Volume number in text reference:
   (Smith 1965, 3:112-14) or (Smith 1965, vol. 3)
  If two dates are necessary to show publication history, use brackets:
   Smith's Wealth of Nations ([1776] 1962) or (Smith [1776] 1962)
  (The order of works by the same author is determined by the date of original publication.)
Reference List
Adler, Paul S. 1990. "Marx, Machines, and Skill." Technology and Culture 31:780-812.

Crane, Lester. 1984. "Studies in Madness and Criminality." Pp. 12-16 in Crime and Criminals. Vol. 2. Edited by Fred Smith. New York: Academic Press.

Guest, Avery, and Nancy Landale. 1984. "Patterns of Intergenerational Criminality in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminologists, August 26-28.

McKee, Alexander. 1972. "The Influence of British Naval Strategy on Ship Design." Pp. 229-30 in A History of Seafaring. Edited by George F. Bass. Translated by Tom Brown. New York: Wiley.

Piaget, J. (1951) 1985. The Origin of the Idea of Danger in the Child. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France. [End Page 131]

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts may be submitted to:

Roger Ariew
Perspectives on Science
Department of Philosophy
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0126.

Please submit (a) four typescript copies of the complete manuscript and (b) a computer diskette of the complete manuscript prepared in Word or WordPerfect (or, if that is not possible, in text...


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