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Editorial Comment We are pleased to be publishing volume two ofSyllecta Classica on schedule. The year following the appearance of volume 1 has witnessed a growing number of submissions from both beginning and experienced scholars. The present issue reflects some interesting work currently being done in the field of Classics and related areas. In this connection we acknowledge our gratitude to the many scholars in Classics and other fields who have willingly given of their time to serve as anonymous referees. We also thank the Graduate College of the University of Iowa and Vice President for Research, James Morrison, for the continued financial support that makes the publication of this journal possible. We continue to encourage the newer scholar to submit articles to us, in particular, research based in Classics that is of an interdisciplinary nature. At the same time we ask potential contributors that they pay strict attention to our editorial format (see Note to Contributors on page vii) and that they submit two copies of the MS. The latter should be available on disk, preferably done on the Apple® Macintosh™ with word-processor Microsoft® WORD™ (version 4.0) and employing Linguist Software® SUPERGREEK™. The current issue is dedicated to our colleague and former chair, Professor Roger A. Hornsby, who retires in May of 1991 after teaching at the University of Iowa for 37 years. We wish him much deserved otium cum dignitate. Helena R. Dettmer Erling B. Holtsmark Co-editors, Syllecta Classica 19 November 1990 ...


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