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Thei made a gaderyng wyth-ovten autorite Some tributes and messages of congratulation collected on the occasion of the completion of the Middle English Dictionary from lexicographical colleagues throughout the world *y Ann Arbor, May 2001 Oxford English DictionaryCongratulations to Bob Lewis and colleagues on the completion of the Middle English Dictionary. Volumes speak volumes! "The Structure now reared will have to be added to, continued, and extended with time, but it will remain, it is believed, the great body of fact on which all future work will be built." James Murray, The Evolution ofEnglish Lexicography (1900) John Simpson Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary "^ Dictionary of Old English Warmest congratulations, Bob, to you and your research team, past and present, Dictionaries:Journal ofthe Dictionary Society ofNorth America 23 (2002) Thei made a gaderyng wyth-ovten autorite17 on the completion of your monumental task. AU of us who follow in your footsteps in charting the history of English are deeply grateful for your remarkable achievement. A definition from our dictionary in honor of yours: ge-endian sense Lc.ii: to complete, bring about, accomplish, consummate (a purpose, intention, plan); geendian WEL to accomplish (a purpose) successfully. This is truly a celebratory occasion. Toni Healey and the staff of the Dictionary of Old English Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue & Scottish National Dictionary Association Many congratulations to all at MED, and very best wishes for future developments, from the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary Association Marace Dareau Iseabail Macleod *& Dictionary of American Regional English Congratulations to you, Bob, and to all your colleagues, past and present. It's heartening to see that Z is attainable! Best wishes from all of us at The Dictionary of American Regional English Joan H. Hall 18John Simpson Australian National Dictionary Centre The biblical period for the life of man is three score years and ten. And 70 years (plus one) seems to be the length of time it takes to produce a great dictionary! Preparation for the Oxford English Dictionary began in 1857 and the dictionary was completed in 1928. The Middle English Dictionary began its life in 1930 and now in 2001 it is complete. These are both monumental and visionary works, indispensable to an understanding of the history of the English language. Congratulations on the completion of the Middle English Dictionary! Dr. Bruce Moore Director, Australian National Dictionary Centre ^ New Zealand Dictionary Centre Warmest congratulations to the MED from all of us at the New Zealand Dictionary Centre on the completion of the Middle English Dictionary and the online publication of the Middle English Compendium. That is a simply marvellous achievement for which you have much to celebrate. Your resoluteness has indeed been worthy of Gawain. Graeme Kennedy New Zealand Dictionary Centre ^ Dictionnaire étymologique de l'ancien français Colleagues are the fiercest critics. The redactors of the Dictionnaire étymologique de l'ancien français consult the MED almost each and every day with a critical eye. They know the good and excellent sides of it. We cannot but congratulate the generations of workers and editors: an outstanding work, done within a relatively short time, maintaining an astonishingly steady quality while executing a well-thought plan during seven decades. The MED demands respect, page by page. Thei made a gaderyng wyth-ovten autorite1 9 •^ Das Deutsche Wörterbuch Das Team des Grimmschen Wörterbuchs in Göttingen gratuliert den Bearbeitern und Herausgebern des MED herzlich zum erfolgreichen Abschluß des Werks. Mit großer Zielstrebigkeit und Kompetenz haben Sie die europäische Wörterbuchlandschaft um ein wichtiges Segment bereichert. Wir freuen uns mit Ihnen über den Erfolg und benutzen das MED weiterhin als wichtiges Hilfsmittel für unsere eigene Wörterbucharbeit. Michael Schläfer Arbeitsstelle Göttingen des Deutschen Wörterbuchs von Jacob Grimm und Wilhelm Grimm Mittelhochdeutsches Wörterbuch On behalf of the project team of the new Middle High German dictionary (1050-1350), I congratulate the MED on its long and valuable work, on its completion, and on its online version. We look forward to establishing and continuing contact between the two projects, as we have put online the existing Middle High German dictionaries in an interlinked...


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