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Notes on Contributors Michael Adams teaches in the Department of English at Indiana University. His forthcoming publications include Slang: The People 's Poetry (Oxford University Press 2009) and, with Anne Curzan, the second edition of How English Works: A Linguistic Introduction (Pearson Longman 2009). His article, "Nicknames, Interpellation, and Dubya's Theory of the State," will appear in the December 2008 issue of Names: AJournal of Onomastics. Allan R. Bomhard was educated at Fairleigh Dickinson University , Hunter College, and City University of New York. He has published six books and over fifty articles on comparative-historical linguistics , among others Toward Proto-Nostratic: A New Approach to the Comparison of Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Afroasiatic (Benjamins 1984), The Nostratic Macrofamily: A Study in Distant Linguistic Regionship (co-author John C. Kerns; Mouton de Gruyter 1994), and Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic: Comparative Phonology, Morphobgy, and Vocabulary (Brill 2008). His main areas of interest are Indo-European comparative linguistics and distant linguistic relationship. Garland Cannon has been Professor of Linguistics at Texas A&M University since 1966, interspersed with visiting professorships at the City University of New York, University of Michigan, Kuwait University , Institut Teknologi Mara (Kuala Lumpur), and Oxford and Cambridge. His 14 books in linguistics and literature have given him an entry in Who's Who in America and lectureships world wide, with specialization in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, German, Japanese, Malaysian, and Spanish. He organized worldwide conferences on Sir William Jones, edited Jones's letters and wrote a biography ofJones (Clarendon and Cambridge), and composed a history of English (Harcourt Brace) and dictionaries of English borrowings from various languages along with about 150 specialized studies. His most recent books are German Loanwords in English (with Alan Pfeffer, 1994 Cambridge), Persian Loanwords in English (E-2007, 2nd ed.) , and Arabic Words in English (with Wyoma vanDuinkerken E-2008, 2nd ed. William Frawley is the Editor of Dictionaries. After a long career as a professor and administrator, he is now doing consulting for the Center for Applied Linguistics and the Institute for Defense Analyses. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books and has published or presented over one hundred papers and reviews on language , thought, and meaning. Notes on Contributors89 Wayne Glowka is Professor of English and Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at Reinhardt College. For over a decade, he has been the editor of "Among the New Words" for American Speech and the chair of the New Words Committee, which nominates the candidates for the Society's annual Word of the Year contest. He is also currently plugging away at The Texiad, a rime royal epic he is writing about the Texas Revolution. Sidney Landau is the author of Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography and is a Fellow and a past president of the Dictionary Society of North America. He was most recently Editor-in-Chief of the Cambridge Dictionary of American English and has edited dictionaries for Funk & Wagnalls, Doubleday, andJohn Wiley & Sons. Anatoly Liberman works in general and historical linguistics (especially phonology and etymology), history of linguistics, medieval literature and folklore, Russian literature, literary criticism, and poetic translation. His latest books are Word Origins . . . and How We Know Them (Oxford University Press 2005, to be reissued as paperback in 2009) and An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology: An Introduction (with the assistance ofJ. Lawrence Mitchell, University of Minnesota Press 2008). In 2009 the University of Minnesota Press will publish A Bibliography of English Etymology, 1699-1999 (two volumes), which he edited. Erin McKean is the editor of VERBATIM: The Language (Quarterly and blogs at Sarah Ogilvie is an Australian linguist and lexicographer at the University of Oxford who was an editor of the Macquarie Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary, and Etymologies Editor on the Shorter Oxford Dictionary (6th ed., 2007). Her recent publications include A ConciseEncyclopedia ofLanguages ofthe World (with Keith Brown, Elsevier 2009). Edward M. Reingold is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology Wyoma vanDuinkerken is an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. She became the Coordinator of Acquisitions Monographs for Texas A&M University Libraries in 2006 and prior to this was the...


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