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PREFACE Dictionaries welcomes essays, notes, and reviews concerned with monolingual and bilingual lexicography, including proposals for new dictionaries, reports describing dictionaries in progress, and historical studies of dictionaries and the lexicographers who made them. Our audience includes professional dictionary-makers, book collectors, scholars interested in lexicography, and a wide range of readers whose curiosity encompasses dictionaries and their role in the language culture of the communities that produced them. Before submitting completed essays, contributors are advised to provide the Editor with a brief outline or abstract of the proposed submission. The Journal is published annually, and completed submissions should be in the Editor's hands by September first of the year of publication. The Journal will publish contributions in the two official languages of North America, English and French. All contributions should be submitted in duplicate on standard 8 1/2 X 11 inch bond paper and be accompanied by sufficient postage to allow iheir return to the author. Matters of format and citation follow the principles of the MLA Style Manual (New York: MLA, 1988). Contributors will find the current issue of Dictionaries a useful guide to citation style. The Editor, assisted by the publications committee and invited referees, will inform contributors promptly of the acceptance or rejection of a proposed article or review. Contributors should recognize the variety of our readers by clarifying technical terms or historical details: they should also understand that excellence of style is always expected. Quotation of the work of others must be accurate and accompanied by a complete citation of the source: copyrighted material included in contributions must be used only with the written permission of the copyright owner. All contributors are expected to be members of the Dictionary Society of North America during the year in which their submissions are published. Vl Vil All published material in Dictionaries will be copyrighted in the name of the Society. Fees received for reprintings will be divided equally with authors. Offprints will not be provided, but the Society will allow an author to reproduce his or her contribution for personal, professional, or classroom use. Any republication of material from Dictonaries requires written permission from the Society. The Publications Committee for 1985-87 includes these members: Delores Harris (Chair), Richard W. Bailey (ex officio), David K. Barnhart, J. Edward Gates (ex officio), R. R. K. Hartmann, Barbara Ann Kipfer (ex officio), Thomas M. Paikeday, and Roger J. Steiner. As always, I appreciate the cooperation of the authors of this volume in correcting proofs and otherwise refining and improving their submissions. In producing this issue of Dictionaries I have again profited from the careful work and technical skill of Dr. Marsha L. Dutton. The cover design is the work of Susan LeVan. Richard W. Bailey Department of English The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109 ...


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