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  • American Association for the History of Medicine:Report of the Eighty-Fourth Annual Meeting
  • Christopher Crenner

The eighty-fourth annual meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 28-May 1, 2009, at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel. The following summary has been prepared by the secretary, Christopher W. Crenner, and is intended for the information of the members of the association. The official minutes and reports are preserved in the Office of the Secretary.


Thursday, April 28
AAHM Council Meeting
Tour of the Helfand Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art Opening

Friday, April 29

Welcome and Plenary Session: "Medical Science, Media Spectacle"

Before the News Was 24/7: How the Media Made Medicine Dramatic
Bert Hansen (Baruch College)

Escaping Melodramas: Reflections on Telling the Histories of the PHS's Research in Tuskegee and Guatemala
Susan Reverby (Wellesley College) [End Page 448]

Concurrent Sessions

Session A1: AIDS: Thirty Years after Its Discovery

Lazarus at America's Doorstep: Framing in Federal Appropriations for Global AIDS Relief
Luke Messac (University of Pennsylvania)

"The Moral High Ground": South African AIDS Activism, Drug Companies, and the Medicines Act Case, 1999-2001
Mandisa Mbali (Yale University)

"I feel like an Allien [sic]": Gaétan Dugas's View of the Early North American AIDS Epidemic
Richard McKay (University of Oxford)

Moderator: Monica Green (Arizona State University, Phoenix)

Session A2: Race and Medicine in the 20th-Century United States

New Negro Therapeutics: Black Doctors and Racial Destiny in Early 20th-Century Medical Practice
Adam Biggs (Independent Scholar)

Cultural Deprivation? Pediatric Mental Health, Race, and the "War on Poverty"
Mical Raz (Van Leer Jerusalem Institute)

Race, Risk, and Cervical Cancer
Leyla Mai (New York University)

Moderator: Dayle DeLancey (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Session A3: Disease in the Middle Ages: Goiter, Lupus, and Anxiety

Bocium: Or, Goiter in the Middle Ages Michael McVaugh
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

"Wolf Bite": The Provenance and Early Vagaries of Lupus
Luke Demaitre (University of Virginia, Charlottesville)

Anxiety and Health: One 14th-Century Doctor's Unique Approach
Nicole Archambeau (California Institute of Technology)

Moderator: Mary Yearl (Independent Scholar) [End Page 449]

Session A4: Museum Practice and the Making of Medical Science: Specimen Collections, Networks, and Institutions in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

"Making Space for Specimens": Medical Museums and Institution-Building at the Karolinska Institute, 1860-1910
Eva Åhrén (University of Uppsala)

"No interest in human anatomy as such": Frederic Wood Jones Dissects Anatomical Investigation in the United States in the 1920s
Ross Jones (University of Sydney)

Creating Medical Specimens and Meanings: Frederic Wood Jones and the Work of a "Good" Anatomical Specimen
Lisa O'Sullivan (University of Sydney)

Moderator: Susan Lawrence (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)

Lunch Sessions

Session L1: Digital Media and New Audiences for the History of Medicine (Sponsored by Philadelphia Area Center for the History of Science [PACHS])

Joanna Ebenstein (Library of Morbid Anatomy, New York City)

Susan Reverby (Wellesley College)

Lisa Rosner (Stockton College)

Michael Sappol (National Library of Medicine)

Karie Youngdahl (College of Physicians of Philadelphia)

Laura Zucconi (Stockton College)

Session L2: HIV/AIDS at 30: History's Role in a Global Pandemic

Monica Green (Arizona State University, Phoenix)

Victoria Harden (Independent Scholar)

Richard Keller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Concurrent Sessions

Session B1: Influenza: Surveillance and Suffering in Global Perspective (Sponsored by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

Instruments of Consensus: The Developing Chick Egg and the Organization of Global Influenza Surveillance and Control, 1947-1967
Michael Bresalier (University of Manchester) [End Page 450]

One Disease, One People, Two Histories: The Samoas in 1918
John McLane (University of Otago)

The New Sensation: Influenza, Celebrity, and Suffering at Fin de Siècle Mark Honigsbaum (Queen Mary, University of London)

Moderator: John Eyler (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis)

Session B2: Pharmacy in Colonial and Postcolonial India

Drugs, Markets, and Colonial Industrialism: The Emergence of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Nandini Bhattacharya (University of Leicester)

Rhapsody of Knowledge: The Impact of Western Science and the Rediscovery of Indian Medicinal Plants
Nupur Dasgupta (Jadavpur University)

The Afterlives of Afterbirth: Placental Waste Economies in Chennai, India, 1980-2010
Sarah Hodges (University of Warwick)

Moderator: Richard Keller (University of Wisconsin-Madison)



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