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Adelberg, Michael S. The Transformation of Local Governance in Monmouth County, New Jersey, during the War of the American Revolution 467
Baker, Thomas N. "An Attack Well Directed": Aaron Burr Intrigues for the Presidency 553
Cohen, Kenneth. "The Entreaties and Perswasions of our Acquaintance": Gambling and Networks in Early America 599
Hessinger, Rodney. "A Base and Unmanly Conspiracy": Catholicism and the Hogan Schism in the Gendered Religious Marketplace of Philadelphia 357
Lindman, Janet Moore. "Bad Men and Angels from Hell": The Discourse of Universalism in Early National Philadelphia 259
Öhman, Martin. Perfecting Independence: Tench Coxe and the Political Economy of Western Development 397
Paulus, Michael J., Jr. Archibald Alexander and the Use of Books: Theological Education and Print Culture in the Early Republic 639
Perl-Rosenthal, Nathan. Private Letters and Public Diplomacy: The Adams Network and the Quasi-War, 1797-1798 283
Polgar, Paul J. "To Raise Them to an Equal Participation": Early National Abolitionism, Gradual Emancipation, and the Promise of African American Citizenship 229
Riordan, Liam. "Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?": The Urban Early Republic and the Politics of Popular Song in Benjamin Carr's Federal Overture 179
Rowe, Adam. The Republican Rhetoric of a Frontier Controversy: Newspapers in the Illinois Slavery Debate, 1823-1824 671
Shalev, Eran. "A Republic Amidst the Stars": Political Astronomy and the Intellectual Origins of the Stars and Stripes 39
Van Sickle, Eugene S. Reluctant Imperialists: The U.S. Navy and Liberia, 1819-1845 39
Wood, Nicholas. "A Sacrifice on the Altar of Slavery": Doughface [End Page 751] Politics and Black Disenfranchisement in Pennsylvania, 1837-1838 75
Young, Christopher J. Connecting the President and the People: Washington's Neutrality, Genet's Challenge, and Hamilton's Fight for Public Support 435
Zagarri, Rosemarie. The Significance of the "Global Turn" for the Early American Republic 1


Archer, As If an Enemy's Country: The British Occupation of Boston and the Origins of Revolution (Timothy J. Shannon) 157
Baum and Harris, eds., Racially Writing the Republic: Racists, Race, Rebels, and the Transformation of American Identity (Robert S. Levine) 501
Beadie, Education and the Creation of Capital in the Early American Republic (William W. Cutler, III) 701
Black, The War of 1812 in the Age of Napoleon (Troy Bickham) 703
Brown, Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America (Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor) 140
Burke, On Slavery's Borders: Missouri's Small-Slaveholding Households, 1815-1865 (Matthew Salafia) 705
Clavin, Toussaint Louverture and the American Civil War: The Promise and Peril of a Second Haitian Revolution (Laurent Dubois) 712
Cleves, The Reign of Terror in America: Visions of Violence from Anti-Jacobinism to Antislavery (Todd Estes) 709
Cohen, Commodore Abraham Whipple of the Continental Navy: Privateer, Patriot, Pioneer (David Head) 318
Cox, "Gibbons v. Ogden," Law, and Society in the Early Republic (Jack Fruchtman, Jr.) 313
Daughan, If By Sea: The Forging of the American Navy—From the Revolution to the War of 1812 (David Head) 318
Dunbar, A Fragile Freedom: African American Women and Emancipation in the Antebellum City (Rita Reynolds) 322
Dusinberre, Strategies for Survival: Recollections of Bondage in Antebellum Virginia (Katy Simpson Smith) 505
Eastman, A Nation of Speechifiers: Making an American Public after the Revolution (Robert G. Parkinson) 508 [End Page 752]
Edwards, The People and Their Peace: Legal Culture and Transformation of Inequality in the Post-Revolutionary South (William Pencak) 143
Egerton, Death or Liberty: African Americans and Revolutionary America (Judith L. Van Buskirk) 324
Fichter, So Great a Profitt: How the East Indies Trade Transformed Anglo-American Capitalism (Rachel Tamar Van) 327
Ford, Settler Sovereignty: Jurisdiction and Indigenous People in America and Australia, 1788-1836 (Vicki Hsueh) 512
Friend, Kentucke's Frontiers (Benjamin Fitzpatrick) 515
Friend and Jabour, Family Values in the Old South (Gary T. Edwards) 329
Fritz, American Sovereigns: The People and America's Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War (William Pencak) 143
Gassan, The Birth of American Tourism: New York, the Hudson Valley, and American Culture, 1790-1830 (Will Mackintosh) 322
Glenn, Jack Tar's Story: The Autobiographies and Memoirs of Sailors in Antebellum America (Michael D. Thompson) 714
Gutzman, Virginia's American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic: 1776-1840 (David Kiracofe) 151...


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