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A COMPREHENSIVE LISTING OF DICTIONARIES PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN DURING 1977 Kathleen Gaul Abercrombie, Michael The Penguin Dictionary of Biology, by M. Abercrombie, C. J. Hickman, and M. L. Johnson. New ed. New York: Viking Press, 1977. The American Heritage School Dictionary. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1977. [A dictionary for use in grades four through eleven.] Ammer, Christine Dictionary of Business and Economics, by Christine Ammer and Dean Ammer. New York: Free Press, 1977. Anderson, Robert Arthur Lexicon of Literary Terms, by R. A. Anderson and Ronald Eckart. New York: Monarch Press, 1977. Arora, Shirley Lease Proverbial Comparisons and Related Expressions in Spanish: Recorded in Los Angeles, California. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1977. Bannock, G. The Penguin Dictionary ofEconomics, by G. Bannock, R. E. Baxter, and R. Rees. London: Allen Lane, 1977. Barnhart, Clarence L., Ed. World Book Dictionary, edited by C. L. Barnhart and Robert K. Barnhart. Chicago: Field Enterprises Educational Corp., 1977. [Two volumes] Betteridge,HaroldT.,Ed. Cassell's German Dictionary: German-English, English-German. Based on the editions by Karl Breul, completely revised and re-edited. New York: Macmillan, 1977. 133 134KATHLEEN GAUL Berger, Alfred H. Dictionary of Psychology: English-German/Worterbuch der Psychologie: Englisch-Deutsch. New York: Unger, 1977. Bevington, Jeffrey Dixey My First Dictionary All in Colour. London: Hamlyn, 1977. Bingham, SheUa Dictionary ofNutrition: A Consumer's Guide to the Facts ofFood. London : Barrie and Jenkins, 1977. Bullock, Alan, Ed. The Harper Dictionary of Modem Thought, edited by A. BuUock and Oliver StaUybrass. New York: Harper and Row, 1977. Burnam, Tom The Dictionary ofMisinformation. New York: BaUantine, 1977. Butler, BiU Dictionary of the Tarot. New York: Schocken Books, 1977. Carbone, Linda Dictionary ofSewing Terminology. New York: Arco, 1977. Carman, WiUiam Young A Dictionary ofMilitary Uniform. New York: Scribner, 1977. Carver, David J., Comp. Collins'English Learner's Dictionary, compüed by D. J. Carver, Michael J. WaUace, John Cameron. London: Collins, 1977. Cassell's French Dictionary: French-English, English-French. Completely revised by Denis Girard, with the assistance of Gaston Dulong, OUver Van Oss, and Charles Guinness. New York: MacmiUan, 1977. CastiUo, Carlos, Comp. The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary: A New Concise SpanishEnglish and English-Spanish Dictionary of Words and Phrases Basic to the Written and Spoken Language of Today, Plus a List of 1 000 Spanish Idioms and Sayings with Variants and English Equivalents. Compüed by C. CastiUo and Otto F. Bond, with the assistance of Barbara M. Garcia; revised by D. Lincoln Canfield. 3rd. edition, revised and enlarged. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1977. Chandor, Anthony A Dictionary of Computers, by A. Chandor with John Graham and Robin WUUamson. 2nd edition. New York: Penguin, 1977. LISTING OF DICTIONARIES135 Chetwynd, Tom Dictionary for Dreamers. St. Albans, Eng.: Paladin Books, 1977. Chi, Wen-shun, Comp. Chinese English Dictionary of Contemporary Usage, compUed by W. Chi, with the assistance of John S. Service, Mei-hsia Huang, and Chi-ping Chen. Berkeley: University of CaUfornia Press, 1977. Christie, Barbara, Ed. Collins' Junior Dictionary, edited by B. Christie and R. H. Thomas. London : Collins, 1977. Clason.W. E., Comp. Elsevier's Dictionary of Measurement and Control; in Six Languages, English/American-French-Italian-Spanish-Dutch and German. New York: Elsevier Scientific Publications, 1977. Cohen, Einya A New Dictionary of Sign Language: Employing the Eshkol-Wachmann Movement Notation System. By E. Cohen and LUa Namir. Paris: Mouton, 1977. Cuddon, John Anthony A Dictionary ofLiterary Terms. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, 1977. Cunningham, W. T., Ed. The Nelson Contemporary English Dictionary. Sunbury-on-Thames: Nelson , 1977. Daintith, John, Ed. A Dictionary ofPhysical Sciences. New York: Pica Press, 1977. Daum, Edmund A Dictionary of Russian Verbs; Bases of Inflection, Aspects, Regimen, Stressing, Meanings, Syntax and Semantics of the Verb in Present-Day Russian by Rudolf Ruzicka. By E. Daum and Werner Schenck. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1977. Davids, Lewis E. Dictionary of Insurance. 5th edition. Totowa, NJ.: Littlefield, Adams, 1977. Dills, Lanie The 'Official' CB Slanguage Language Dictionary, Including CrossReference . Edited by Dot GUbertson and Joan Wheeler. New enlarged edition. New York: [distributed by] L. J. Martin, 1977. 136KATHLEENGAUL Dorian, Angelo Francis, Comp. Dictionary of Science and Technology: English/German. 2nd Revised edition . New York...


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