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PREFACE Dictionaries welcomes essays, notes, and reviews concerned with monolingual and bilingual lexicography, including proposals for new dictionaries, reports describing dictionaries in progress, and a range of historical studies of dictionaries and the lexicographers who made them. Our audience includes professional dictionary-makers, book collectors, scholars interested in lexicography, and a wide range of readers whose curiosity encompasses dictionaries and their role in the language culture of the communities that produced them. Before submitting completed essays, contributors are advised to provide the Editor with a brief outline or abstract of the proposed submission. Since the journal is now published annually, the Editor will advise contributors of the likelihood of their work appearing in the next forthcoming issue. Articles and reviews in English or French will be considered for publication. All finished contributions should be submitted in duplicate on standard 8Hx 11" bond paper and be accompanied by sufficient postage to allow their return to the author. Matters of format and citation should follow the principles of the MLA Handbook (New York: The Modern Language Association, 1977). If special typefaces, illustrations, or reproductions of printed books are to be included, authors should consult the Editor at an early stage to ensure that the best quality reproduction can be obtained. The Editor, assisted by thé publications committee and invited referees, will inform contributors promptly of the acceptance or rejection of a proposed article or review. Whenever possible, a critique of the submission will be provided . Contributors should recognize the variety of our readers by clarifying technical terms or historical details; they should also understand that excellence of style is always expected. Quotation of the work of others must be accurate and accompanied by a complete citation in the style described in the MLA Handbook, All contributors are expected to be members of the Dictionary Society of North America during the year in which their submissions are published . All published contributions will be copyrighted by the Society. Fees received for reprintings will be divided equally with authors. Offprints will not be provided but the Society will allow reproduction of an author's contribution for professional or classroom use. In the preparation of this, the first issue oí Dictionaries, I have been especially helped by J. Edward Gates, Donald Hobar.and Robert K. O'Neill (all of Indiana State University); welcome technical advice has been freely offered by Ladislav Matejka (The University of Michigan). Design and lay-out are the work of Susan LeVan. Richard W. Bailey, Editor Department of English The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48109 While engaged in composing my Dictionary, I was often so much excited by the discoveries I made, that my pulse, whose ordinary action is scarcely 60 beats to the minute, was accelerated to 80 or 95. Noah Webster, An American Dictionary of the English Language I know of no more enjoyable intellectual activity than working on a dictionary . . . . Every day one is confronted by new problems, usually small but absorbingly interesting; at the end of the day one feels healthily tired, but content in the thought that one has accomplished something and advanced the whole work towards its completion. James R. Hulbert, Dictionaries British and American ...


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