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108Victorian Review ROBERT Rawdon WILSON teaches English literature at the University of Alberta. His chief interests are in literary theory. He has published on such conceptual topics as postmodernism, time, space, character, reflexivity, play, and game in a wide variety of journals, including Critical Inquiry, Modem Philology, SEL, ARIEL, Poetics Today, English Literary Renaissance, Milton Studies, and English Literature in Canada. His most recent publication is In Palamedes' Shadow: Explorations in Play, Game, and Narrative Theory (Northeastern UP, 1990). NEWS OF VSAWC MEMBERS LIONEL ADEY is retiring this year from the University of Victoria. His Class and Idol in the English Hymn (1989) has been chosen by Choice magazine as one of the two "Outstanding Academic Books" for 1989-90. Other recent publications include, with John Ferns and Tony Trott, a book of poems entitled Affirmations (Borealis Press, 1990). PHILIP ALUNGHAM, Ministry of Education, British Columbia, has published "The Naming of Names in A Christmas Carol," Dickens Quarterly 4.1; "Study Tips for English 12, Literature 12 . . .," Examiner Jan. (1989); and, "Mr. Dickens Enters Literature 12 . . . ," Update 31.3 (July 1989). Pending publications include "The Naming of Names in Hard Times," Dickens Quarterly; "The Battle of Life and 77ie Patrician's Daughter," ANQ. He co-presented a paper entitled "Are We Good Enough Yet? Making the case for Canadian Literature," At MOSAIC '89. JULIE Codeli, University of Missoula, has recently presented a paper on artist's professional societies and dealers' galleries, 1880- 1914, at an International Symposium on The Modern British Art World sponsored by Yale's Mellon Centre and The Courtauld Institute in London, December 14-16, 1989. JOHN R. Doheny has recently published "Thomas Hardy's Relatives and Their Times," Thomas Hardy Yearbook 18 (Toucan Press), and a review of Women and Sexuality in The Novels of Thomas Hardy by Roscmaric Morgan, Victorian Review 15.2 (1989). IAN DYCK, Simon Fraser, has recently published "From 'Rabble' to 'Chopsticks': The Radicalism of William Cobbett," Albion 21.1 (Spring 1989). Forthcoming publications include "Towards the 'Cottage Charter': The Expressive Culture of Farm Workers in Nineteenth-Century England," Rural History 1.1 (Spring 1990). ELIZABETH Epperly, Memorial, has recently published Patterns ofRepetition in Trollope (Catholic UP ofAmerica). She is presently on leave from Memorial to write a book-length feminist analysis of the heroines of L.M. Montgomery. News of Members109 ANTHONY HARDING, Saskatchewan, has contributed an essay on Coleridge and Emerson to The Coleridge Connection, a festschrift for Tom McFarland to be published by St. Martin's Press in 1990. CHRISTOPHER KENT, Saskatchewan, has recently published "Victorian Periodicals and The Constructing of Victorian Reality." in R. VanArsdel and J.D. Vann, eds. Victorian Periodicals: A Guide to Research. Vol. 2. (MLA, 1989). Kathleen E. McCrone, Windsor, has published Sport and The Physical Emancipation of English Women, 1870-1914 (Routledge; Kentucky UP, 1988). She has a SSHRCC Research grant for 1989-91. She will be on sabbatical in England during the winter 1989-90 to conduct research on a book, The Musical World of Victorian Women. VICTOR A. Neufeldt, Victoria, will publish The Poems of Patrick Bramwell Brontë: A New Text and Commentary (Garland) in 1990. WES PUE, Manitoba, is the editor of The Canadian Law and Society Newsletter. He has published "Exorcising Professional Demons: Charles Rann Kennedy and The Transition to The Modern Bar." Law and History Review 5 (1987); "Rebels at The Bar: English Barristers and The County Courts in the 1850s." Anglo-American Law Review 16 (1987); "Guild Training vs. Professional Education: The Committee on Legal Education and The Law Department of Queen's College, Birmingham in the 1850s." American Journal of Legal History 33 (1989). PATRICIA RlGG will publish "Legal 'Representation' in The Ring and The Book," BIS 18 (1990). R.C. TERRY, Victoria, has just completed entries on Trollope, Collins, and Payn, for the Dictionary ofBritish Literary Characters. He is editing conference papers on Wilkie Collins for Dickens Studies Annual, and he is conducting research on Robert Louis Stevenson for Macmillan's Interviews and Recollections series. M.G. WlEBE, Queen's, has recently published M.G. Wiebe, gen. ed.; J.B. Conacher, John Matthews, Mary S. Millar, eds.; Benjamin Disraeli Letters Volume IV: 1841-1847 (U...


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