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142Franciscan Studies The initial thirteen pages present the addresses and sermons in a chronological order, with the date and occasion of deUvery, and with a caption that provides the reader with a clue to the general contents of each discourse and sermon; the index of names and places (pp. 474—482) wiU prove a helpful guide to biographical and historical data scatttered throughout he book. Theology and Education. A Doctoral Dissertation by Thomas C. Donlan , O. P. (Washington, D. C1 1952. Pp. 134.) CathoUc educators who are engaged in religious instruction of youth in our CathoUc coUeges will welcome Fr. Donlan's contribution to the solution of some basic problems encountered in the field undergraduate religious education. In the Ught chiefly of Thomistic principles and more salient papal pronouncements on education, the author has presented the vital interplay between Theology and Catholic education. The last chapter wherein Fr. Donlan has briefly sketched a course of Theology for undergraduates and the method of presenting it to them, will be appreciated by many a puzzled instructor of Catholic youth. Gregory Grabka, O. F. M. Conv. St. Hyacinth Seminary Granby, Mass. ...


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