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INCIPITS OF LOGICAL WRITINGS of the XHIth-XVth CENTURIES The ever-increasing interest shown the writings of the Late Middle Ages and the popularity which their authors enjoy convinces one that there is an immediate need for catalogues of incipits of such writings. The répertoires of Glorieux and Stegmüller and the incipit catalogues of Little and Thorndyke, to mention but a few, have performed an immeasurable service in the fields of their interest, but as far as can be determined, no such catalogue dedicated solely to philosophical works has yet made its appearance. Students of the history of Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages have had to resort tcf a countless host of magazines and periodicals in their search for primary sources or to the laborious task of ferreting such material from the various manuscript catalogues, many of which are good, but many of which are decidely inadequate, incomplete, and not infrequently incorrect. At first it was our intention to wait until such time as we could present a more extensive listing of all the philosophical incipits we have collected over the years, but the kind encouragement of friends and the hope that others will be encouraged to continue and expand our initial attempts prompted us to limit ourselves for the present to a list of incipits of Logical works of the XHIth-XVth centuries. A few items about this collection are to be noted. No attempt is made here to give a complete listing of all the possible incipits of logical writings: even a cursory glance at the comparatively few catalogues and other sources at our disposal will convince the reader that we have barely scratched the surface and that there is still much to be done. Nor, in ascribing incipits to particular authors, is it our intention to correct the catalogues, but simply to report our findings. Only those catalogue references have been included which expressly carry an incipit; all others have been relegated to our files. A few references to codices of the X-XIIth centuries have been added to 349 350Incipits of Logical Writings give completeness, and in some instances an incipit which is manifestly not of a logical work has been added because of its resemblance to a neighboring incipit or because a particular catalogue lists it as one. All library call numbers are had as indicated in the various catalogues used, with the sole exception of St. Mark's in Venice; here references are to Valentinelli's catalogue (see "Catalogues of Manuscripts"). References to sources other than the Mss. catalogues are enclosed in square brackets f_ ] and placed immediately after the library call numbers they are meant to control. These will refer the reader to the "List of Abbreviations" at the beginning of the work. Other sources less frequently cited may be found in the main body of our work. Usually only one edition of a work is included, preference being given to an incunabulum edition where same is possible, while the spelling has been made to conform to modern usage. CATALOGUES OF MANUSCRIPTS Academia Caesarea Vindobonensis, Tabules codicum Mss. préster Grescos et Orientales in Bibl. Palatina Vindobonensi asservatorum, I-VII, Vienna 1864-1875. Bibliotheca Apostólica Vaticana — Stevenson H. Jr. and De Rossi I., Codices Palatini Latini, Tom. I, Rome 1886. — Wilmart ?., Codices Reginenses Latini, Tom. I (Cod. 1-250), Vatican City 1937; Tom. II (Cod. 251-500), 1945. — Stornajolo C, Codices Urbinates Latini, Tom. I (Cod. 1-500), Rome 1902; Tom. II (Cod. 501-1000), 1912; Tom. Ill (Cod. 1001-1779), 1921. — Vattasso M., and Franchi de Cavalieri P., Codices Vattcani Latini, Tom. I (Cod. 1-678), Rome 1902. — Pelzer A., Codices Vattcani Latini, Tom. II (Cod. 679-1134), Vatican City 1931; Tom. II: Appendix, 1933. — Nogara B., Codices Vattcani Latini, Tom. Ill (Cod. 1460-2159), Rome 1912. — Vattasso M., and Carusi H., Codices Vattcani Latini (Cod. 985210300 ), Rome 1914; (Cod. 10301-10700), Rome 1920. Catalogue General des Mss. des Bibl. de Belgique, I-V, Gembloux (BeIg.) 1934-1939. Catalogues of Manuscripts351 Coxe H. O., Catalogus codicutn Mss. qui in collegiis aulisque Oxoniensibus hodie adservantur, Oxford 1852. De Ricci S., and Wilson W. J., Census of Medieval and Renaissance...


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