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BOOKS RECEIVED Alaimo, Bernardus, O.F.M. De Francisci Henno Vita Opere ac Doctrina Morali. Panormi, Italy: Ex Typographia Greco, 1950. Pp. xvii- 153-Appendix. Aloysius, Father, O.F.M. Cap. The Year of the Great Return. Dublin, Ireland: Gill and Son, Ltd., 1950. Pp. 43. Andriekus, Dr. L. and Redagavo T. Metrastis 1950. Kennebunk Port, Maine: Isleido Tévai PranciSkonai, 1950. Pp. 216-Turinys. J2.50. Baudry, Léon. Guillaume d'Occam. Paris, France: Libraririe Philosophique, 1950. Pp. 271-Bibliographie-Index. Bettoni, Efrem Il Problema della Conoscibilitá di Dio neUa Scuola Francescana. Il Pensiero Medioevale. Collana di Storia della Filosofía. Milani-Padova, Italy: Casa Editrice Dott. Antonio, 1950. Pp. 406-Index. L. 1800. Buescher, Gabriel, O.F.M. The Eucharistie Teaching of William Ockham. St. Bonaventure , N.Y.: The Franciscan Institute, 1950. Pp. xxvii-Index. $2.00. Crowley, Theodore, O.F.M. Roger Bacon. Louvain, Belgium: E. Nauwelaerts, 1950. Pp. 207. Bibliography. J3.00. Davis, Henry, S. I. St. Gregory the Great. "Ancient Christian Writers." Westminister, Md.: Newman Press, 1950. Pp. 270-Index. 13.00. Descamps, Albert Les Justes et la Justice dans les Evangiles et le Christianisme Primitif Hormis la Doctrina Proprement Paulinienne. Louvain, Belgium: Publications Universitaires de Louvain, 1950. Pp. xix-306-Index. 260 francs. Donovan, Joseph P. Pelagius and the Fifth Crusade. London, England: Oxford University Ptess, 1950. Pp. 116-Bibliogtaphy. $2.50. Farrell, Bertin, C. P. Orestes Brownson's Approach to the Problem of God. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America, 1950. Pp. xiii-133Index . $1.75. Florisoone, Michel Giotto. Paris, France: Editions Franciscaines, 1950. Pp. 134Index . Gidziunas, Victor, O.F.M. De Fratribus Minoribus in Lituania. Pars I. Rome, Italy: 1950. Pp. xx-77-Index. De Missionibus Fratrum Minorum in Lituania. Quaracchi, Italy: Ad Claras Aquas, 1950. Pp. 36. Ludwig, M. Mileta, F.S.P.A. A Chapter of Franciscan History, 1849-1949. New York: Bookman Association, 1950. Pp. xvi-446-Index. $5.00. Masseron, Alexandre Assise. Paris, France, 1950. Pp. 185-Index. Mooney, Canice, O.F.M. Boetius MacEgan of Ross. Dublin, Ireland: Four Masters Press, 1950. Pp. 68. 1/-. Post free 1A. O'Brien, Isidore, O.F.M. Peter and Paul Apostles. Paterson, N.J.: St. Anthony Guild Press, 1950. Pp. 423-Index. $3.50. Ring, George C, S.J. Religions of the Far East. Milwaukee, Wis.: The Bruce Publishing Company, 1950. Pp. x-3 35-Index. $6.00. Smith, Vincent Edward Idea-Men of Today. Milwaukee, Wis.: The Bruce Publishing Company, 1950. Pp. x-423-Index. $5.00. 466 ...


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