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BOOKS RECEIVED A Symposium of the Life and Work of Pope Pius X. Preface by Most Reverend Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, D.D. Washington, D.C.: Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, 1946. Pp. xiii+304. $2.50. Bouhier, Louis. Extraordinary Life of Marie Louise Brault. Trans, from 2nd. Edition, as revised and corrected, by W. S. Reilly. Westminster, Md.: The Newman Bookshop. Pp. xiii+306. $3.50. Catechetical Documents of Pope Pius X. Translated and Edited with a Biographical Note by Joseph B. Collins. Introduction by Most Reverend Edwin V. O'Hara. Paterson, N.J.: Saint Anthony Guild Press, 1946. Pp. Ixviii+204. $2.00. Ceppi, P. Americo. Historia do Povo de Israel. Petropolis, RJ.: Editora Vozes Limitada. Pp. 352. Christianity takes a Stand. Edited by William Scarlett. New York: Penguin Books, Inc. Pp. 128. 25c. Cruzeiro Do SuI. Ano XXIV, Setembro, 1946. Petropolis, R.J.: Centro De Estudos Franciscanos, 1946. Pp. 150. De Andrade Mario. Padre Jesuino do Monte Carmelo. Service do Patrimonio Hist órico e Artístico Nacional Publicacao, No 14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Ministerio da Educacao e Saude, 1945. Pp. xi+194. De Incarnation of Athanasius, XIV. Part 2. The Short Recension. By Robert Pierce Casey. Philadelphia, Pa.: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1946. Pp. xlix+86. $4.00. Erardo, Rev. El Padrenuestro Según la Mente Franciscana. Barcelona: Editorial Herder, 1946. Pp. 175. Hallenbeck, Clevb. Alvar Numez, Cabeza de Vaca. The Journey and Route of the First European to cross the Continent of North America, 1534-1536. Glendale , Calif.: The Arthur H. Clark Co., 1946. Pp. 326. $6.00. Kbrwin, Paschal E. Big Men of The Utile Navy. Paterson, N.J.: St. Anthony Guild Press, 1946. Pp. xiv+129. $2.00 plus postage. Laing, Francis S. Father Felix M. Kirsch, O.P.M. Cap. Pittsburgh, Pa.: The Catholic Home Journal. Pp. 101. 50c. McDonald, William J. Communism in Eden? Reprinted from The New Scholasticism , XX, 2, April, 1946. Pp. 101+125. McDonald, William J. Wisdom and the Ancient Celt. Reprinted from The New Scholasticism, XIX, 3, July, 1945. Pp. 185-201. McGinley, Laurence J. Form-Criticism of the Synoptic Healing Narratives. Woodstock , Md.: Woodstock College Press, 1944. Pp. viii+165. $2.75. Medeiros, Humberto and Wílliam F. Hill. Jacinta. The Flower of Fatima. New York: Catholic Book Publishing Co. Pp. 192. $2.00. Monaghan, Forbes J. Under the Red Sun. New York: The Decían X. McMullen Co., 1946. Pp. 279. $2.75. Moore, Thomas H. The Darkness is Passed. New York: The Decían X. McMullen Co., Pp. vii+176. $2.00. Nash, Robert. Send Forth Thy Light. Westminster, Md.: The Newman Bookshop, 1946. Pp. 199. $2.00. Pio Xl Sobre a Educacao Crista da Juventude. Documentos Pontificios, 7. Petropolis , RJ.: Editora Vozes Ltda., 1946. Pp. 42. Pio Xl Sobre o Sacerdocio Católico. Documentos Pontificios, 8. Petropolis, RJ.: Editora Vozes Ltda., 1946. Pp. 58. Rooney, Miriam Theresa. Borrowings in Roman Law and Christian Thought. Reprinted from The Jurist, Vol. VI, No. 4, October, 1946. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America, 1946. Pp. 22. Rooney, Miriam Theresa. Relativism in American Law. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 20th annual meeting. Milwaukee, Wis.: 1945. Pp. 10. Simmel, Ernst. Anti-Semitism. A Social Disease. New York: International Universities Press, 1946. Pp. xxvii+140. $2.50. Sister Miriam. Woven of the Sky. Boston, Mass.: The Mosher Press, 1946. Pp. xiii+55. $2.50. Sullivan, Frank and Majie Padberg Sullivan. Moreana, 1478-1945. A preliminary check list of material by and about Saint Thomas More. Kansas City, Mo.: Rockhurst College, 1946. 112BOOKS RECEIVED The Catholic Review. Editor in Chief: The Most Rev. J. M. Liston. Editors: J. C. Pierce and E. A. Forsman. Auckland, C. 1.: The Catholic Review. Subscription £ 1. Single Copy 2/6. The Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assist. Newly revised and corrected from the English translation. With a Preface by Valentine Long, O.F.M. New York: Catholic Book Publishing Co., 1946. Pp. 384. $2.00. The Roman Martyrology. Translated by Raphael Collins, B.A. Introduction by Joseph B. Collins. Published by Order of Gregory XIII. Revised by Authority or Urban VIII and Clement X. Augmented and Corrected in...


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