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IN MEMORIAM THE LATE FATHER KILIAN HENNRICH, O.F.M. Cap., M.A. (November 9, 1880 - November 26, 1946) Tuesday morning, November 26, at 10 o'clock, a Solemn Requiem Mass was offered for the repose of the soul of Fr. Kilian Hennrich, O.F.M. Cap. Ailing for many years Fr. Kilian had been confined to his room, where he continued to study and write. Though constantly under the monasteryphysician 's care, about two weeks ago he was obliged to go to St. Vincent's Hospital, New York. One week later a paralytic stroke robbed him of his consciousness, which lasted till Saturday, November 23, when at 3:15 A.M. he died. Fr. Kilian had been known chiefly for his youth-work and for his deep interest in the Third Order of St. Francis. His contacts were nationwide and, to some extent, world-wide. Born at Leeunwarden, Holland on November 9, 1880, he came to America as a young student, with the intention of becoming a priest in the Capuchin-Franciscan Province of St. Joseph. He studied at St. Lawrence College, Mount Calvary, Wisconsin and began his Capuchin Novitiate at St. Bonaventure's Monastery, Detroit, Mich, on July 14, 1904. The seminary-studies were made at St. Francis Monastery in Milwaukee, where Fr. Kilian was ordained to the Priesthood on July 11, 1911. His priestly career began in Milwaukee. In 1913 he was assigned to Sacred Heart Friary in Yonkers, N.Y., and shortly after the Superiors sent him to St. John's Church, 210 West 31st St., New York. Here his interest in the Catholic Boys' Brigade began. In 1924 Fr. Kilian was transferred to Our Lady of Sorrows' Friary where his work in behalf of the Third Order of St. Francis reached greater proportions. Boys' work was Fr. Kilian's particular field, to which he dedicated his time and talent. He studied youth's problems from every angle and was one of the most outstanding authorities on youth guidance in the country. A tireless writer, Fr. Kilian has left many works that have had nation-wide circulation. Among the chief works on youth are: "Boy Guidance", "Boy's Leader Primer", "Seraphic Youth", "Watchful Elders", "Play Guidance", "Youth Guidance", etc. His numerous articles have appeared in "The Homiletic and Pastoral Review", in the "Commonweal", in the "Ecclesiastical Review", the "Catholic School Journal", the "Franciscan Herald and Forum" and in the Franciscan Studies. Interested also in spreading Franciscan Ideals, Fr. Kilian was for many years a zealous Director of Third Order Fraternities. He not only preached but also wrote on the timeliness of the Third Order of St. Francis among the laity. Outstanding among his tertiary writings are his "New Life", "Seraphic Youth's Companion", "Seraphic Youth", "The Better Life" and others. His last book was "Forming a Christian Mentality" which was published in 1945. No doubt these many works will continue the apostolate of Fr. Kilian. He will be remembered for many years to come as a Capuchin Friar dedicated to the betterment of youth and to the promotion of the ideals of St. Francis in social life. Our Lady of Sorrows,Fr. Marcellus Manzo, O.F.M. Cap. New York. 90 ...


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