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BOOKS RECEIVED Blaher, Damián, O.F.M. The Ordinary Processes in Causes of Beautification and Canonization. Washington, D.C: Cetholic Univ. 1949. Pp. xv-290. Buckley, Joseph. Man's Last End. St. Louis, Mo.: B. Herder Book Co. Pp. xii-237Index . $3.50. Carluccio, Gerard G., O.S.B. 7"Ae Seven Steps to Spiritual Perfection. Canada: The Univ. of Ottawa Press, 1949. Pp. xv-215-Index. Falls, Thomas B. Saint Justin Martyr. The Fathers of the Church. New York: Christien Heritege, Inc. Pp. 455-Index. Healy, Edwin F., S.J. Christian Guidance. The Moral Aspects of the Sacraments, Matrimony Excepted. Chicago, Illinois: Loyola Univ. Press. Pp. ix-233-Index. $2.50. Keller, James. Three Minutes a Day. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., Inc. Pp. xvi-365. $2.00. Leavitt, Robert Keith. Common Sense About Fund Raising. New York: Stratford Press, Inc., 1949. Pp. 75. S2.00. Leibniz, G.W. Textes Inédits. Tome I. Paris: Presses Universitaires De France, 1948. Pp. v-452. . Textes Inédits. Tome II. Paris: Presses Universitaires De France, 1948. Pp. 454-889-Index. Phelan, Gerold B. St. Thomas Aquinas on Kingship to the King of Cyprus. Toronto, Cenada: The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1949. Pp. viii-115-Index. Pickett, Colin, J.C.L. Roman Law and the Insane. Ottawa: St. Paul's Seminary, 1949. Pp. 25. Piette, Charles J.C. Maximin, O.F.M. Le Secret De Junípero Serra. Volume I. Pp. 8-477-Index. $6.00 set of two volumes. Le Secret De Junípero Serra. Volume I. Pp. 4-592-Index. $6.00 set of two volumes. Scarlet, William. TAe Christian Demand for Social Justice. New York: A Signet Special, 1949. Pp. 126. Van Steenberghen, Fernand. Epistemology. Volume II. Translated by Martin J. Flynn. New York: Joseph K. Wagner. Pp. xiv-301-Index. 463 ...


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