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Book Reviews171 The Symposium on the Franciscan Crown of the Seven Joys includes papers on "The History of the Crown," (Br. Linus O'Dea, O. S. F.), "Indulgences attached to the Crown," (Roch Knopke, O. F. M.) and "The Lessons of Mary's Joy," (Leonard Puech, O. F. M.). This reader recommends the short articles for concise but intelligent tracts of various aspects relative to Franciscan and Mariological devotion combined. Interestingly presented with marked clarity, this volume is an epitome of Franciscan attitudes for the Marian Year, 1954. Truly it is deserving of dedication to Mary, Queen of the Seraphic Order. Edward M. Wilson Christ the King Seminary, St. Bonaventure, N. Y. Franciscan Education Directory of the United States, edited by Brother Finbarr, O. S. F., Brooklyn, N. Y.: St. Francis College, 1955. The Franciscan Brothers of the Brooklyn Congregation of the Third Order have published the 1955—1956 edition of the Franciscan Education Directory. The Directory was prepared for the Franciscan Educational Conference, which is a voluntary organization of Franciscan educators cooperating under the jurisdiction and guidance of their major superiors toward the highest development of their schools and students according to the Franciscan ideal and spirit. The Directory was under the management and editorship of Brother Finbarr, O. S. F., Associate Professor of History and Chairman of the Division of Social Science at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. Brother Finbarr is also the Commissioner for all Franciscan Teaching Brothers in the United States, representing them in the Franciscan Educational Conference. Some interesting statistics compiled in the Directory show that the various branches of the Franciscan Order in the United States conduct two thousand and eighty educational institutions. This number includes 25 colleges, 50 seminaries, 64 schools of nursing education, 270 secondary schools and r. 668 elementary schools. They also conduct three special educational projects of considerable significance : the Franciscan Educational Conference, the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure, N. Y., and the Academy of American Franciscan History at Washington, D. C. The geographical distribution of Franciscan educational institutions is rather interesting. The state Wisconsin tops the list of states numbering exactly 300 Franciscan educational institutions. The "Empire State" of New York takes second place with 240, followed by Illinois with 205 and Pennsylvania with 198. Sr. M. Frances Laughlin, S. M. I. C. St. Bonaventure, N. Y. ...


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