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170Book Reviews It keeps before the eye an ideal which has taken flesh through the grace of God. In observing the rule of St. Francis, another Francis has attained the honors of the altar. Edward M.Wilson Christ the King Seminary, St. Bonaventure, N. Y. Mary in the Franciscan Order (Proceedings of the Third National Meeting of Franciscan Teaching Sisterhoods, Sacred Heart Academy 3860 Main Street Buffalo, New York, November 26—27, 1954, Vol. Ill), St. Bonaventure, N. Y. : The Franciscan Institute, 1955. XIII—193pp. $ 2.50. Prior to the texts of the main addresses, this Report cites briefly a summary of Officers and Committees, the minutes of the proceeding, the blessing of the Holy Father and a letter from President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The first sermon, delivered by Very Reverend Anaclete Kaczmarek, O. F. M. Conv., credits St. Francis' devotion to the Blessed Virgin as an impetus to Franciscans throughout every age. The theme of the second sermon , "On Concluding the Marian Year," enunciates the role of Mary, our Teacher, in education. This address by the Very Reverend Pius J. Barth, O. F. M., stresses the goal of Franciscan institutions "to restore all things for Christ through Mary Immaculate as Queen of the Universe," in urging Sisters to double for the Mother, Teacher of Christ. The dedicatory sermon of Father Ignatius Brady, O. F. M. consecrates the Third National Meeting to Mary, Queen of the Seraphic Order. Mother M. Gonzaga, O. S. F. welcomes the delegates to the Buffalo Conference in her Address of Welcome. Then follow two short articles : Queen of the Seraphic Order by Saint Pius X and Salute of Saint Francis to our Blessed Lady. These are subsequently followed by a series of well prepared papers, which are synthesized by two separate Symposia. The first series of papers includes "The Position of the Blessed Mother in the Franciscan Theological Synthesis" by Cyril Shircel, O. F. M. A Symposium on Marian Doctrine According to Franciscan Saints includes papers on "Saint Anthony" by Juniper Cummings, O. F. M. Conv., "Saint Bernardin" by Francis Affelt, O. F. M. and "Saint Lawrence" by Sebastian Falcone, O. F. M. Cap. Further papers include "Our Lady in the History of ourCountry," (Br. Finbarr , O. S. F.), "Marian Education in Franciscan Schools and Colleges," (Sr. Clarence Marie, O. S. F.), „The Spirit of Mary Immaculate and the Modern Teacher," (Pacific Hug, O. F. M.), "Mariology in Theological Texts for Colleges," (Sr. M. Rose Agnes, O. S. F.), "Marian Joy in Nursing," (Sr. Martha Mary, O. S. F.), "Mary and Franciscan Literature," (Lawrence Craddock , O. F. M.), "Regina Ordinis Minorum," (Firmin Schmidt, O. F. M. Cap.), "Saint Francis and Our Lady," (Joachim Daleiden, O. F. M.) and "Reports on the International Mariological Congress," (Pius Barth, O. F. M. and Thomas Plassmann, O. F. M.). Book Reviews171 The Symposium on the Franciscan Crown of the Seven Joys includes papers on "The History of the Crown," (Br. Linus O'Dea, O. S. F.), "Indulgences attached to the Crown," (Roch Knopke, O. F. M.) and "The Lessons of Mary's Joy," (Leonard Puech, O. F. M.). This reader recommends the short articles for concise but intelligent tracts of various aspects relative to Franciscan and Mariological devotion combined. Interestingly presented with marked clarity, this volume is an epitome of Franciscan attitudes for the Marian Year, 1954. Truly it is deserving of dedication to Mary, Queen of the Seraphic Order. Edward M. Wilson Christ the King Seminary, St. Bonaventure, N. Y. Franciscan Education Directory of the United States, edited by Brother Finbarr, O. S. F., Brooklyn, N. Y.: St. Francis College, 1955. The Franciscan Brothers of the Brooklyn Congregation of the Third Order have published the 1955—1956 edition of the Franciscan Education Directory. The Directory was prepared for the Franciscan Educational Conference, which is a voluntary organization of Franciscan educators cooperating under the jurisdiction and guidance of their major superiors toward the highest development of their schools and students according to the Franciscan ideal and spirit. The Directory was under the management and editorship of Brother Finbarr, O. S. F., Associate Professor of History and Chairman of the Division of Social Science at St. Francis College in Brooklyn...


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