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The review of Martha Hodes's The Sea Captain's Wife in JAF, volume 124, number 491, Winter 2011, contains a small factual error. The reviewer attributes a quotation to one of the book's characters; the quotation in question, however, actually comes from a work of fiction by Louisa May Alcott and is cited as such in the text. The quotation is: "I do remember that I cannot pay too much for what is priceless; that when I was loveless and alone, there came a friend who never will desert me when all others fail. . . . If I cannot bear a few harsh words, a few cold looks, a little pain, for you, of what worth is my love?" (p. 197). Note further that Hodes's title begins with the article the rather than a, as misstated in the review. The editors regret the errors. [End Page 362]



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