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Jane Duran teaches in Black Studies and in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she has also been a Fellow in Philosophy. She is the author of numerous articles in epistemology, feminist theory, and aesthetics, and some of her most recent books are Worlds of Knowing (2001), Eight Women Philosophers (2005), and Women, Philosophy and Literature (2007).

Jerome A. Stone is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at William Rainey Harper College and on the adjunct faculty of Meadville Lombard Theological School. He is the author of The Minimalist Vision of Transcendence and Religious Naturalism Today and coeditor of The Chicago School of Theology—Pioneers in Religious Inquiry. He teaches adult religious education at the Unitarian Church of Evanston, Illinois, and is on the editorial board of The Trumpeter: A Journal of Ecosophy.

Adam Świezyński, PhD, is a lecturer in the Section of Philosophy of Nature at the Institute of Philosophy, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw, Poland; an author of The Philosophy of Human Death. An Evolutionary Approach (CSWU Press, Warsaw 2009); and editor of Philosophy of Nature Today (CSWU Press, Warsaw 2010). In his philosophical work, he deals with the question of human death, the emergence of the universe and life, the philosophy of miracle, and the relations between natural sciences and theology.

Edgar A. Towne is Professor of Theology, Emeritus, at Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana, where he has taught since 1975. He authored Two Types of New Theism: Knowledge of God in the Thought of Paul Tillich and Charles Hartshorne (Peter Lang, 1997). He has authored many journal articles and book chapters on process philosophy and theology, figures in the Chicago School of Theology, philosophical and theological ethics, and issues of public import. [End Page 267]



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