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BOOKS RECEIVED AMICO, Fra Bernardino, Plans of the Sacred Edifices of the Holy Land, translated from the Italian by Fr. Theophilus BELLORINI O. F. M. and Fr. Eugene HOADE O. F. M. with a Preface and Notes by Fr. BeUarmino BAGATTI O. F. M. (Publications of the Studium BibUcum Franciscanum ?. ??), VIII—147 pp.; Jerusalem: Franciscan Press, 1953. ARCANGELO de Castiglion Florentino O. F. M. Cap., "Yours is the Kingdom . . .". The Life of St. Ignatius of Laconi Capuchin Brother, translated and freely adapted by Carmel FLORA O. F. M. Cap. and Melchior MOAKLER O. F. M. Cap., VI—72 pp. ; Paterson, N.J. : St. Anthony Guild Press, 1953; $0.75. ARNOLD, Magda B. and GASSON, John A., S. J., The Human Person. An Approach to an Integral Theory of Personality, X—593 pp.; New York: The Ronald Press Co., (1954); $ 5.75. BONANSEA, Bernardino M., O. F. M., Pioneers of the NineteenthCentury Scholastic Revival in Italy, reprinted from The New Scholasticism XXVIII (1954) p. ?—37. CHAVEZ, Fray Angélico, La Conquistadora. The Autobiography of an Ancient Statue, VII—134 pp. ; Paterson, N. J. : St. Anthony Guild Press, 1954; $ 2.00. COLLINS, James, A History of Modern European Philosophy, X—854 pp. ; Milwaukee : The Bruce Publishing Company, (1954) ; $ 9.75· D'ALATRI, Mariano, O. F. M. Cap., L'Inquisizione francescana nell' Italia Centrale nel secólo XIII, 151 pp., Rome: Instituto Storico dei F. M. Cap., 1954. DARBY, Thomas J., Thirteen Years in a Labor School. The History of the New Rochelle Labor School, VI—92pp., St. Paul, Minn.: The Radio Replies Press, 1953 ; $ 0.50. DEFERRARI, Roy J. and BARRY, Sister M. Inviolata, C. D. P., A Lexicon of St. Thomas Aquinas based on the Summa Theologica and selected passages of his other works, Fascicle V, R—Z, pp. 935—1185, Baltimore, Md. : Catholic University of America Press, 1949 ; $ 12.50. DEFEVER, J., S. J., La preuve réelle de Dieu. Etude critique (Museum Lessianum Section philosophique n. 37), 145 pp., Brussels-Paris: Desclée De Brouwer, 1953. 223 224FRANCISCAN STUDIES DREES, Clemens, Der Christenspiegel des Dietrich Kolde von Münster (Franziskanische Forschungen, n. 9), VII—95*—379 pp., WerlWestf .: Dietrich-Coelde-Verlag, 1954; DM 18.—. FORESTIER, P., S. M., The Kingdom is YOURS, Vol. I: The Sermon on the Mount, The Gospel of the Eucharist, transi, by Angeline BOUCHARD, XIII—189pp.,Chicago: FidesPublishers, (1954) ; $3.50. FOY, FeUcian A., O. F. M., TL· IÇ54 National Catholic Almanac, 808 pp., Paterson, N. J. : St. Anthony Guild Press, (1954) ; $ 2.50. GIESE, Vincent J., TL· Apostolic Itch, 126 pp., Chicago: Fides Publishers , (1954); $2.75. HAGSPIEL, Bruno M., S. V. D., So You Think You're Suffering, VIII—88 pp., St. Paul, Minn.: The Radio Replies Press, (1953); % 0.35. KÖSTER, Hermann, Vom Wesen und Aufbau katholischer Theologie, 122 pp., Kaldenkirchen : Steyler Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1954. OEING-HANHOFF, Ludger, Ens et unum convertuntur. Stellung und Gehalt des Grundsatzes in der Philosophie des hl. Thomas von Aquin (Beiträge zur Geschichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Mittelalters , XXXVII, Heft 3), XV—194 pp., Münster-Westf. : Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1953 ; DM 13.50. RUMBLE, Leslie, M. S. C, That Catholic Church. A Radio Analysis, X—453 pp., St. Paul, Minn. : Radio Replies Press, (1954) ; $ 2.50. —, Radio Converts, 43 pp., St. Paul, Minn., Radio Reglies Press, (1943) ; $ 0.15. —,Reply to Anglican-Episcopalian Claims, 64pp., St. Paul, Minn.: Radio RepUes Press, (1953) ; $ 0.25. SAGÜÉS AZCONA, Pio, O. F. M., A propósito de unos estudios sobre Fray Diego de Estella, reprinted from El Eco Franciscano, vol. 70 (1953) p. 274—282. SHANAHAN, Thomas J., Books and Scholars in the Middle Ages: A Medieval Latin Anthology from tL· Rolls Series, second edit., St. Paul, Minn.: The Saint Paul Seminary, 1953. VAN LAER, P. Henry, Philosophico-scientific Problems, transi, by Henry J. KOREN, C. S. Sp., (Duquesne Studies — Philosophical Series, n. 3), XI—168 pp., Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 1953; $3-25VAN MELSEN, Andrew G., From Átomos to Atom. The History of the Concept of Atom, translated by Henry J. KOREN, C. S. Sp. (Duquesne Studies — Philosophical Series n. 1), XII—240 pp., Pittsburgh : Duquesne University Press, 1952 ; $ 4.25. VAN MELSEN, Andrew G...


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