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Book Reviews87 All in all the work deserves every commendation, and in its method as the history of an Order it is especially worthy of praise. Since many reviews have already appeared, the present few remarks suffice. Franciscan InstituteKlLIAN F. LYNCH, O. F. M. Faber, Frederick William, Bethelem. Philadelphia, Pa.: The Peter Reilly Co., 1955. Pp. 432. — The Foot of the Cross or the Sorrows of Mary. Ibid., [1956]. Pp. 406. Beautifully executed, though unchanged reprints of two of the better known works of the famous Oratorian.E. M. B. Annuarium Ordinis Fratrum Minorum, II, 1956—1957. Rome: Pax et Bonum, [1956]. Pp. 401. The first Annuarium was published in 1955, and it had 213 pages, while the second one is considerably longer (401 pages). The initial Annuarium contained a short, but interesting summary of the history of the First Order, a complete list of the Ministers General, a brief description of the Curia Generalis, the houses that depend immediately upon Father General, the general houses of studies of the Order and the scientific and cultural institutions of the Order; information concerning the provinces, custodies, commissariats and other foundations of the Order as well as its missions; a list of Friars still living who were appointed ecclesiastical dignitaries (archbishop , bishop, etc.) by the Holy See; finally the addresses of the Ministers Provincial. In the new Annuarium all this information is repeated, but brought up to date. Moreover, a number of very interesting additions have been made. For instance, after the compilation of the names of the Ministers General, one finds the list of the General Chapters and of the Cardinals Protector. Appendix I (pp. 265—324) gives the Poor Clare monasteries under the jurisdiction of the Order of Friars Minor, both the independent monasteries and the federations which, especially among the Poor Clares of Western Europe, were formed upon suggestion of Pius XII in his encyclical Sponsa Regis; also, a list of monasteries and congregations observing the rule of the Third Order Regular, as well as the congregations affiliated with the Order. Appendix II (pp. 325—333) deals with the studies in the Order, listing, among other items, the Friars who are teaching at Universities and other institutions of higher learning not belonging to the Order. Appendix III (PP- 334—369) is dedicated to the scientific publications of the Order. In both the Annuarium I and II an Index of the Franciscans mentioned in the book and a general Index conclude the volume. Though certain lists are obviously incomplete and inaccurate — due to second hand information, one presumes, — the anonymous compiler of the Annuarium ought to be congratulated for giving us in such limited space so much instructive as well as practical information. Eligius M. Buytaert, O. F. M. ...


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