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INDEX TO VOLUME 42 ARTICLES Adeeko, Adeleke—“Okonkwo, Textual Closure, Colonial Conquest,” 42.2: 72–86. Andrade, Susan Z.—“Adichie’s Genealogies: National and Feminine Novels,” 42.2: 91–101. Bentahar, Zaïd—“Continental Drift: The Disjunction of North and Sub-Saharan Africa,” 42.1: 1–13. Brown, Nicholas—“Chinua Achebe and the Politics of Form” 42.2: 87–90. Chapman, Michael—“Postcolonial Problematics: A South African Case Study,” 42.4: 60–71. Colson, Robert L.—“Arresting Time, Resisting Arrest: Narrative Time and the African Dictator in Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Wizard of the Crow,” 42.1: 133–53. Counihan, Clare—“The Hell of Desire: Narrative, Identity, and Utopia in A Question of Power,” 42.1: 68–86. Curto, Roxanna—“The Science of Illusion-making in Aimé Césaire’s La tragédie du roi Christophe and Une tempête,” 42.1: 154–71. Desai, Gaurav—“Asian African Literatures: Genealogies in the Making,” 42.3: v–xxx. Desai, Gaurav—“A Dream Half-Expressed: Nanji Kalidas Mehta and the Commercial Imagination,” 42.3: 147–65. Desai, Gaurav—“‘Ambiguity is the driving force or the nuclear reaction behind my creativity’: An E-conversation with M. G. Vassanji,” 42.3: 187–97. De Souza, Pascale—“Trickster Strategies in Alain Mabanckou’s Black Bazar,” 42.1: 102–19. Diala, Isidore—“Eiaba Irobi’s Legacy: Theory and Practice of Postcolonial Performance,” 42.4: 20–38. Egya, Sule E.—“Art and Outrage: A Critical Survey of Recent Nigerian Poetry in English,” 42.1: 49–67. Frenkel, Ronit—“Reconsidering South African Fiction Postapartheid,” 42.3: 1–16. Goyal, Yogita—“The Pull of the Ancestors: Slavery, Apartheid, and Memory in Zakes Mda’s Ways of Dying and Cion,” 42.2: 147–69. Gray, Stephen—“Anthologizing Africa: Langston Hughes and His Correspondents,” 42.4: 1–7. Gueydan-Turek, Alexandra—“Visions of Odalisques: Orientalism and Conspicuous consumption in Leila Sebbar’s Le peintre et son modèle,” 42.4: 97–113. Hand, Felicity—“Impossible Burdens: East African Women’s Memoirs,” 42.3: 100–16. Hron, Madelaine—“Gukora and Itsembatsemba: The ‘Ordinary Killers’ in Jean Hatzfeld’s Machete Season,” 42.2: 125–46. Jones, Stephanie—“The Politics of Love and History: Asian Women and African Men in East African Literature,” 42.3: 166–86. Korang, Kwaku Larbi—“Homage to a Modern Literary Father” (Introduction to special issue “Achebe’s World: African Literature at Fifty”), 42.2: vi–xv. Korang, Kwaku Larbi—“Making Post-Eurocentric Humanity: Tragedy, Realism, and Things Fall Apart,” 42.2: 1–29. INDEX TO VOLUME 42 • 157 Lehman, Daniel W.—“Tsotsi Transformed: Retooling Athol Fugard for the Thabo Mbeki Era,” 42.1: 87–101. Mardorossian, Carine—“Rape and Violence of Representation in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace,” 42.4: 72–83. Moynagh, Maureen—“Human Rights, Child-Soldier Narratives, and the Problem of Form,” 42.4: 39–59. Olaniyan, Tejumola—“The Paddle That Speaks English: Africa, NGOs, and the Archaeology of an Unease,” 42.2: 46–59. Olaussen, Maria—“Approaching Asia through the Figure of the Slave in Rayda Jacob’s The Slave Book,” 42.3: 31–45. Omelsky, Matthew—“Chris Abani and the Politics of Ambivalence,” 42.4: 84–96. Pandurang, Mala—“The Story of a White Sadlo and a Meal of “Bhakri and Salt”: Parita Mukta’s Shards of Memory,” 42.3: 88–99. Pucherova, Dobrota—“A Romance That Failed: Bessie Head and Black Nationalism in 1960s South Africa,” 42.2: 105–24. Quayson, Ato—“Self-Writing and Existential Alienation in African Literature: Achebe’s Arrow of God,” 42.2: 30–45. Rastogi, Pallavi—“International Geographics: Looking Out in Ishtiyaq Shukri’s The Silent Minaret,” 42.3: 17–30. Sainson, Katia—“‘Entre deux feux’: Jean Sénac’s Struggle for Self-Determination,” 42.1: 32–48. Samatar, Sofia—“Charting the Constellation: Past and Present in Things Fall Apart,” 60–72. Simatei, Peter—“Diasporic Memories and National Histories in East African Indian Writing,” 42.3: 68–87. Singh, Jaspa—“South African Indian Fiction: Transformations in Ahmed Essop’s Political Ethos,” 42.3: 46–55. Siundu, Godwin— “Beyond Auto/Biography: Power, Politics, and Gender in Kenyan Asian Women’s Writing,” 42.3: 117–31. Slaymaker, William—Digesting Crow: Reading and Teaching Ngugi’s Wizard of the Crow...


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