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Special guest editor Gaurav Desai has informed us of the following errors in "Translating between India and Tanzania: Sophia Mustafa's Partial Cosmopolitanism" by Tina Steiner, which appeared in RAL 42.3 (Asian African Literatures): 132-46:

On [page 139], Mustafa is listed as being a member of the Ismaili community. She was affiliated with the Ahmadiyya community.

On [page 146], the bibliographic entries should read as follows:

Mustafa, Fawzia. "Re-Issuing The Tanganyika Way: 1961-2009." The Tanganyika Way: A Personal Story of Tanganyika's Growth to Independence. Ed. Fawzia Mustafa. Toronto: TSAR, 2009. v-x. Print.
Mustafa, Sophia. The Tanganyika Way: A Personal Story of Tanganyika's Growth to Independence. 1961. Toronto: TSAR, 2009. Print.
———. Broken Reed. Dar es Salaam: E&D, 2005. Print.
———. Under the Shadow of Kirinyaga. Toronto: TSAR, 2002. Print.

ALA Travel Grant Application

The African Literature Association (ALA) has announced the ALA Travel Grant Award of $3,000 to be awarded to three ALA members traveling from Africa to Dallas, Texas, for the 2012 ALA Conference (April 11-15, 2012). Eligible applicants should demonstrate 1) scholarship; 2) financial need; and 3) ability to supplement grant award. Priority is given to early career applicants.

ALA Travel Grant Applications must include the following documents:

  1. 1. a two-page cover letter including title and abstract of conference paper to be presented at the ALA conference;

  2. 2. a two-page curriculum vitae or résumé (including ALA travel grant awards received within the past three years, teaching and/or research experience and interests, professional meetings/conferences attended, with dates, place, and titles of papers presented, current university affiliation, if applicable); and

  3. 3. two letters of recommendation (maximum of two pages each), with letters including contact information and brief biographical information of recommender.

Further details are available at the ALA website: Completed applications are due by December 15, 2011, to Laura Murphy by e-mail ( or by snail/surface mail (Department of English, Loyola University New Orleans, 6363 St. Charles Avenue, Box 50, New Orleans LA 70118). [End Page 154]



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