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  • Call for Papers

The goal of Mechademia is to promote critical thinking, writing, and creative activity to bridge the current gap between professional, academic, and fan communities and discourses. This series recognizes the increasing and enriching merger in the artistic and cultural exchange between Asian and Western cultures. We seek contributions to Mechademia by artists and authors from a wide range of backgrounds. Contributors endeavor to write across disciplinary boundaries, presenting unique knowledge in all its sophistication but with a broad audience in mind.

The focus of Mechademia is manga and anime, but we do not see these just as objects. Rather, their production, distribution, and reception continue to generate connective networks manifest in an expanding spiral of art, aesthetics, history, culture, and society. Our subject area extends from anime and manga into game design, fan/subcultural/conspicuous fashion, graphic design, commercial packaging, and character design as well as fan-based global practices influenced by and influencing contemporary Asian popular cultures. This list in no way exhausts the potential subjects for this series.

Manga and anime are catalysts for the emergence of networks, fan groups, and communities of knowledge fascinated by and extending the depth and influence of these works. This series intends to create new links between these different communities, to challenge the hegemonic flows of information, and to acknowledge the broader range of professional, academic, and fan communities of knowledge rather than accept their current isolation.

Our most essential goal is to produce and promote new possibilities for critical thinking: forms of writing and graphic design inside as well as outside the anime and manga communities of knowledge. We encourage authors not only to write across disciplinary boundaries but also to address readers in allied communities of knowledge. All writers must present cogent and rigorous work to a broader audience, which will allow Mechademia to connect wider interdisciplinary interests and reinforce them with stronger theoretical grounding.

Due dates for submissions for future Mechademia issues

January 1, 2012 Mechademia 8: Tezuka: Manga Lite

January 1, 2013 Mechademia 9: Masculinities: Military and Criminal

January 1, 2014 Mechademia 10: Parallel Universes, Possible Worlds, and Counterfactual Histories

Each essay should be no longer than five thousand words and may include up to five black-and-white images. Color illustrations may be possible but require special permission from the publisher. Use the documentation style of the Chicago Manual of Style, Sixteenth Edition. Copyright permissions must be sought by the author; forms will be provided by the Mechademia staff.

Submissions should be in the form of a Word document attached to an e-mail message sent to Frenchy Lunning, editor of Mechademia, at frenchy_lunning@mcad.edu. Mechademia is published annually in the fall.

Please visit http://www.mechademia.org for more information. [End Page 319]


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