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The Contemporary Pacific 15.2 (2003) 378-420

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Albert Wendt:

Paul Sharrad and Karen M Peacock, Compilers


Wendt is clearly a leading figure in literary creativity and cultural criticism in the Pacific region. He is only beginning, however, to get the kind of international attention that equivalent figures from other regions have received. Apart from an honorary doctorate from the University of Bourgogne, recognition of his work has been largely confined to occasional journal articles and general studies of Pacific literatures. There is now, however, a PhD devoted solely to his work and quite a large body of critical material. In order to encourage future studies of this important and complex writer, this listing is offered as the most complete reference guide to date. It is not entirely complete, since some details from clippings have defied attempts at verification, but it is comprehensive, and we trust, useful to others. This work was originally created by Paul Sharrad, and updated by Karen Peacock in January 2003. Readers finding extra information are invited to contact the principal compiler so that an updated list can be established on the Internet: Paul Sharrad, School of English Literatures, Philosophy, and Language, University of Wollongong, Northfields Avenue, Wollongong NSW2522, Australia; fax +61-2-214471; email <>.

Thanks for help with bibliographic searches go to Michelle Keown; Ray Riach and the staff of the New Zealand/Pacific Collection at the University of Waikato; staff of the New Zealand & Pacific Collection, University of Auckland Library; Mrs Mereani Vakasisikala of the Pacific Collection at the University of the South Pacific (USP) Library; Robin Griffin, archivist at the Auckland College of Education; staff of the University of Wollongong Library; and the staff of Pacific Collection, Hamilton Library, University of Hawai'i, Manoa (UHM); and to Jan Rensel, editor at the [End Page 378] UHM Center for Pacific Islands Studies, for attention to detail. Grateful acknowledgment for travel support is made to the University of Wollongong and the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Thanks to Kimberley Haines of UHM Hamilton Library for proofreading of citations.

This bibliography lists, first, writings by Wendt himself: literary works (poems, stories, plays, novels, collections, edited volumes, translated books); films based on his literary works; television documentaries about him; sound recordings of his poetry; and his essays. There are individual entries for poems and stories first published in Wendt's own collections if they were reprinted elsewhere. Information about items published in more than one place in the same year is noted after the phrase "also published." Works are listed in order of first publication located.

In this bibliography, Wendt's works are followed by interviews with or profiles of Wendt, then reviews or articles on specific works, starting with a review of his plays, then of specific works in order of publication. Next are studies focusing on Wendt and his work, followed by general studies, and finally, bibliographical sources. [End Page 379]

Literary Works by Wendt

1959a The Beauty of the Night [poem]. Farrago 1959 Annual Magazine of the Ardmore Teachers' College Students' Association, Auckland: 7. (Auckland College of Education Archives: ARTC: B5.)

1959b Uncle [short story]. Farrago 1959 Annual Magazine of the Ardmore Teachers' College Students' Association, Auckland: 26-28. (Auckland College of Education Archives: ARTC: B5.)

1961aThe Bayonet; A Second Christ [stories]. Experiment(Wellington) 8:60-71.

1961b Fishing [children's story]. New Zealand School Journal part 4, Summer.

1962a Alo and Seve; How Nuufaanoanoa became Nuufiafia; The Children and the Pigs [children's stories]. New Zealand School Journal part 3, Winter.

1962b Now Chained; Death of the Sun [poems]. Argot (Wellington) 1 (4): unpaginated.

1962c Virgin-Wise: The Last Confession of Humble Man Who is Man Got Religion [story]; Argot1 (4): unpaginated. (Rp FF,145-148; BEST,131-133.)

1963a The Apple Tree. Mate (Auckland literary magazine).

1963b A Descendant of the Mountain [story]. Landfall (Christchurch, NZ) 17 (1): 113-118. (Rp 1973 in My New Zealand Senior. Auckland: Longman Paul; FF,1-6; 1989 in Pacific Voices: An Anthology of Maori and Pacific Writing, edited by Bernard...


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